Monday, July 28, 2014

Back to Work

Back to work on our action plans, today is Monday and we all must go back to work. We are all sad that we had to wake up early again but also excited because we have four more days until we go on our college tours.  For class today we mostly went over what has brought us here today, what brought us to the Women and Leadership Course at Brown University. Dean Almandrez wanted us to understand that our identity has a strong role in our leadership skills, our identity is our leadership. The class was assigned to make a map that marks significant moments in our lives that has led us here today.

The second part of class was working on our action plan and getting one on ones with Isabella the Teacher Assistant and Dean Almandrez to improve our action plans. I would discuss my action plan now but I want it to be completed and ready before going into too much detail but I will share it is making young teens more aware about their bodies. Everyone also had a workshop this afternoon from 4-6 PM, there were several options. One was watching a documentary on great leaders in entrepreneurship, second creativity, third soccer and fourth working on our action plan. I chose the fourth decision because it was more assigned time to improve my action plan. Overall today was a very productive day and I am excited for tomorrow.  

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