Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pubic Speaking Into Action

Today I woke up excited and nervous. I helped Thao do her hair for our gran action plan preparation, we were so nervous in my room we couldn't stop thinking about what we were going to say. We didn't go dressed formally to our morning class since we had to present after lunch. When we arrived to class everyone didn't seem so awake because everyone was up the night before typing up their action plan essays. Dean Almandrez began the class by allowing the other fifteen students who will perform tomorrow pick what order they go for their practice presentation. I found it really good that I helped give advice and ask questions to my classmates when they presented. Whenever someone presents it's best to ask each other questions in preparation for the big action plan presentation. The class presentations took the whole class time so when we finished it was already lunch time.

After we ate lunch we had about an hour left of lunch so NEMOW went to go get dressed and practice for our presentation. I went third, I didn't do as good as my practice but I am no longer as frightened of public speaking. It was nice seeing how my friends did on their presentation, some were nervous with their practice but they did great today.It was also great to have mu chaperon Jenny present to support us since my parents weren't there.  After presentations we were released early by Dean Almandrez, as we took pictures together we finished soon and walked outside to meet our chaperon Jenny. Jenny had a red flower for each one of NEMOW's young ladies. We took pictures together and she congratulated us on how good we did.
Me and the most inspiring Dean I've met, Dean Almandrez

After Jenny left our girls some went to the dorms to pack and some of us went to get Crepe's and smoothies. I shared a banana crepe with vanilla ice cream along with a large mango smoothie with Magaly. We had a great snack after our presentation, we then headed back to the dorms to pack, I sort of took a nap while I was packing, it was very unexpected. After I woke up, I went to Subway with Magaly, Izabel, and Muong. We had a good dinner and began packing. Around 8 PM I headed to my RA's room for a floor meeting, she informed me on how I was suppose to leave my room and how I was suppose to return my key. It's a pretty easy process.
                                            Me and Magaly's banana crepe with a mango smoothie.

At about 8:30 PM my RA walked me and other girls from my dorm to the Leadership Institute/ Perkins Hall dance, it was a good relief for all of us after packing, and doing presentations. I had a delicious slice of donut cake with a drink of water on the side, NEMOW did not stay until the dance was over but we enjoyed our time there. We headed back to the dorms so we can finish blogging tomorrow will be a long day it'll be very hard to say goodbye to all my new friends I had a good time and experience with every single one of them. I'm very thankful for Dean Almandrez I've learned a lot from her, hope to keep everything in mind, and become a better person.

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