Monday, July 28, 2014

Ice Cream Master's Apprentice

Today is nacho Monday. Get it? But we did get nachos for dinner, but that's not the point. I woke up at 7:40 AM, and I still had to rush down to the lounge to meet everyone. Unfortunately, everyone left besides Magaly and Stephanie. It was because we had to get to the V Dub early since the Ratty is closed. I know, it's sad, but numerous programs ended so the Ratty decided to end as well. Eating at the V Dub was depressing. Why? Well it was pouring while we got there. The three of us were able to meet the others. The food at the V Dub was pretty good, as usual. 

Getting to class was pretty easy. It was a good few extra minutes than going from the Ratty. In class, we watched a 9 minute documentary. It was a documentary of Asian Pacific Islander women talking about their life, as women. Another thing that we did was make a life map that lead up to where we are now. We all got 30 minutes to make our life map, but I literally spent 5 minutes to think about my map. As soon as I got rolling, I began to get to focused on one picture and part of my life. I tried being creative, and somehow finished. This activity made me see how different we all are, in terms of getting to Brown University, and how much of life we actually share. I liked seeing everyone's path and was able to learn more about them. 

Super Beast Heroes Unite!!
Photo By: Thao Le Hoang
Strawberry Shave Ice~
After class, there was another Action Plan Workshop. It was supposed to start at 4 PM and end at 6 PM. Since it was around 3:15 PM, Michelle, Stephanie, Angie, Theo, Angie, Maria, and I all decided to go to the Sno Tea Cafe. We wanted to get the shave ice, but on our way there, Maria made a heroic act. A black Sudan driving around 30 mi./hr. did not hit us since Maria told us all to stop. She was able to stop us in our tracks, and I thank her for saving our lives. Once we got into the shop, we were able to choose to new flavors, mango and strawberry. They were both very satisfying and afterwards we played a quick game of UNO. It was funny because Angie was about to win and we all were about to fight for a common purpose and give her more cards. She had one more card left, and I told everyone else to somehow reverse it so that I can give her the 4+ wild card. It was intense, but we succeeded. This is what the Leadership Institute taught me, how to inspire others to fight for a common purpose. 

The Action Plan Workout made it possible for me to think more deeply about my action plan. Dean Almandrez actually helped me come up with some great ideas. She suggested that I should make a Women and Equity Club, since my school doesn't have one. I actually like that better than my original plan. I feel like this plan would have gotten farther than my music one. I was excited to actually think about this club, and I'm hoping that it will go far. I am working at this, and please give me the support it needs.
Being Helpful with Allie's Action Plan
Lv. 10 Apprentice

At dinner, I was able to create a really good ice cream cone. I was so happy that the first person I showed it to was Maria, the Ice Cream Master. Watch out everybody, because an apprentice is coming to town. 

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  1. Hey Thao!!!
    I'm so happy to see you over there having so much fun! I chose this blog to comment on because I love ice cream. :) Personally, I think that a Women and Equity club would be a great idea at our school! I recall a few years back, journalism did an article revolving around student opinion on women equality. Needless to say, they were appalled at the odd amount of misogynistic opinions that they received from both female and male students. But of course they featured yours truly, being the raging feminist (though he prefers the term equalist) that he is. :D I am super proud of you and I can't emphasize on how happy and proud I am to see you doing so well over at Brown. I hope this comment inspires you to make that club happen!!! :) I send you my best wishes and hope to see you soon! :)

    Yours Truly,
    Damian Wong

    That is quite the perfect ice cream cone that you have sculpted! I am extremely proud of that as well.