Thursday, July 24, 2014

Visit to the Post Office

Toady's challenge course for me focused on working together and being a leader by know when to step back because there will be some situations in life where you have to step back and not be scared to ask for help. I believe the challenge today was working as a team, full of strong leaders. The challenge course was full of all team exercise that made a stronger bond withing the the Women and Leadership class. I cant wait to try this challenge exercises at home with other groups to build a better scene of teamwork. For me it is important that every person in any my team group now how important they are because each person has something different to contribute.

One of the timed games
During the first trust falls  I felt uncomfortable allowing some one else to hold the power, but after a couple of try's I understood the purpose of the trust fall. It teaches me the importance of trusting other,without me liking it there will be times in my life where I have no other option but to trust someone else to be in charge.

Some of my favorite moments of the day were during are groups's silliness, where we were all just laughing over  the difficult challenges and situation we were in while still having fun.

I learned about myself today, I learned how to work in a team and still have a voice and be hared and have a valued idea. As a leader, there will always be challenges and unexpected disadvantage as a part of the job for me a true leader is some one who is not scared to ask for help and puts the group need over there own.

The stamp of the day
After the challenge course was over, I walked around Thayer street in Providence and went to to the post office to buy postage stamps to send post cards back home. Now I can't wait to get a phone call knowing that they revived the postcards from Providence, Rhode Island. I felt the need to remind my family and friends that I miss them and let them know how special each one  of them are to me.

Overall to day was extremely fun and allowed to to learn outside the class room in a hands on type of manner.

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