Monday, July 28, 2014

How Did I Make It Here?

I was awaken today by YeonSoo, she's like everyday alarm. I woke up and opened my curtains so that I can awaken myself by the light, I then realized that it was very cloudy and cold outside. I luckily took my umbrella when I left, it started pouring on my way to "V-Dub", it was very hot and rainy. By the time I knew it I had arrived at the "V-Dub" as usual I had the pancakes, scrambled eggs, and a apple juice. By the time I had to walk to class it stopped raining which was great.

I arrived to class around 8:50 AM just in time to use the restroom and take my seat. The class began with a reflection of what we learned last night at the Leadership Institute Action Plan Panel, we mentioned how now we're determined to just do our action plan and not let anyone stop us. I feel like the workshops and classes are now helping me and my classmates focus on our action plans. We went over what leadership meant as well some things we mentioned as a class was taking a chance to make a change, and being the next step. We then named leaders, the names that were given were; Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, Ghandi, Michelle Obama, Malala Yousazi, and Hilary Clinton. We mentioned how the leaders have characteristics as  perseverance, political office, stereotypical leaders, and motivational leaders. Like Dean Almandrez mentioned, it was very surprising how none of us in the class named ourselves.

We then saw a clip called Asian Pacific Islander Women and Leadership , the video consisted of many asian pacific women who are leaders in their community. They described why they decided to make their action plans and what inspired them. What I got out of the video was that you don't necessarily need to become part of history, come out on books or news to be a leader. As long as your a leader in your community and your proud of your change your already a leader, after watching the video I'm looking forward to considering myself as a leader after my action plan takes action. Soon after we discussed the video we were assigned the night before to have a magazine for class, I didn't know what it was for but I still took one.

We were assigned to make a poster based on how we got to the Women and Leadership class, we were also told to be creative and use pictures from the magazines. I felt like it was a better way to express myself and where I came from. My poster in general focused on the biggest impacts in my life. I began with my parents marriage, then my birth which lead to my family roles. My family roles simply were that women had no say in anything we're in charge of household things then men are in charge of money and working. Then it all lead to me loosing my uncles when they went to jail it was a huge impact because they were all my second father figures. With their presence missing it lead to middle school which made me get into social media, which made me be very insecure. My insecurities made me take my Law Academy more serious I began to see the bigger picture of women roles how we have no say in anything. The final thing is that I feel more prepared to speak upon women.
                                               My Poster based on how I'm here in this course.
After we finished our posters we shared in groups of four, I learned much more from my classmates. After lunch I came to class and the class consisted of setting up our action plans. I'm more then happy to surprise my school when I get back having a one on one conversation with Dean Almandrez was great she helped me create the bigger picture of my action plan now all I have to do is put everything together.I believe my school will increase our encouragement of college and graduating high school. Around 3:50 PM I headed to the "V-Dub" to meet Ancito, a RA, so I can head over to the Action Plan Workshop. When I got to the Action Plan Workshop we split into two groups; the ones that know their action plan and the ones that don't. I knew my action plan so I headed with Isabella, my RA to go a small classroom/hall I got most of my Action Plan done now all I have to do is put it together and have someone reflect upon it. I can't wait to others give me their opinions so I can improve my action plan.

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