Monday, July 28, 2014

Inspiration Monday

Monday....stared out with me waking up earlier than I would have liked. I left my dorm around 7:50 in the morning. I decided to go to Starbucks, on my way there it began sprinkling and by the time I got to Starbucks it was pouring and I got completely soaked, I ordered an ice-coffee with a shot of espresso. The coffee worked and I was productive in class. We had to bring in a magazine to class to day, I was glad I packed two for the plane ride. In Class Dean Almandrez gave use a white poster paper peace of and asked the class to make a map of how they got to be in the class. On my poster I talked about the changing moment that defined my current leadership style. I wrote a lot about the ILC because they are the entire reason why I am here.

After lunch we returned to class were we had time to work on are action plan. I discussed my plan with Isabella and we decided I need more research. For the rest of the time in class I worked on my plan. For are work shop the class had different option, I chose to watch a documentary about humanitarian work. The documentary discussed how social entrepreneur who have made change around the globe.
Isabella doing Cynthia's Henna 
During the cookie social were there was milk Oreo and chocolate chip cookies. I had the opportunity to ask question to Isabella about how she got into Brown.I really admired the way she spoke about the mayors with such  passion and inspiration.

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