Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Getting to Know Me

New Might of Women (NeMoW my cohorts and I) ate breakfast at The Ratty dining hall which is closest to our dormitory. I had a plate of cantaloupe, pineapple, pancakes with spread butter, breakfast sausages and roasted cut potatoes. We got to class around 8:40 AM, before class started at 9:00 AM. 

Dean Almandrez showed us the Always campaign “Like a Girl”, for our pre-reflection. It was powerful and moving, as the producers asked volunteers ranging from young children to young adults who went through puberty. The adults were asked to throw, run, and hit a baseball like a girl. They acted overly dramatic and girly. 

I admired the girls youth who were so confident and intellectual when told to throw, hit, and run like a girl. During the interviews, all girls had said they put in the highest amount of effort to do well. When told, "You act like a girl!" to somebody as an insult when they lost as a means to put them down is not right. They understood, we are girls and we are dedicated and proud. 

Also, I learned about how our media portrays females as mainly sexually attractive in films, clothing brand and make-up advertisements. It is directly making women appear as a prop for men in some advertisements. Media advertisements are so ingrained in our everyday lives, that we often let it lead us to confusion about ourselves and mistakenly blame it on ourselves. 

After discussion, we split into four small groups to discuss and plan a skit on the stereotypes and how females and males really are. An example we did was boys who are supposed to be athletic, but not all boys have the same interests. Why is it ingrained in our minds to categorize people and how much impact does gender actually have on dominant power? I come to a conclusion based on today’s class, that it is our surroundings growing up and the cycle begins again. It is up to us to keep this vicious cycle going or changing the adaptation.
I learned that as a woman gets stronger in politics, the more negative lashes they will receive. Hillary Clinton, a former United States Secretary of State, Senator, and First Lady, has received much criticism that unnecessarily distracts from her purpose and good actions. 

After I had a lunch with NeMoW at The VDub, we all headed to the Women and Leaderships Diversity Workshop. First, my class sat down in a large accommodating circle to bring up rules and instructions. I had some intense moments, when we had to choose one of the seven topics which was our personal answer. The seven topics were: socio economic income, religion, sex and gender, ability/disability, political views, race/ ethnicity/nationality, sexual preferences and orientation. 

Our next activity was called, 'Step In, Step Out', where we were silent, and answered these personal questions if we had agreed or disagreed. I learned so much more about myself and my weaknesses and how it would be better to contradict your assumptions about people next to you.

After class, NeMoW walked to The VDub which is only a few blocks away from our class. Jenny met us after dinner to take us to purchase Brown souvenir sweaters. I am so happy and grateful for the Ivy League Connection for buying us souvenirs and the opportunity they have given us to excel as future leaders and in college academia.


  1. It's such a wonderful thing standing off to the side (albeit the side is 3,000 miles away) and see how each of you is absorbing all of this new information. I can feel the transformation and metamorphosis even from here.

  2. Great activities, not only do you learn about yourself, but others around you. Remember the lessons you learned today and how you can apply them daily :)