Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Challenge To Remember

I've always thought Challenge Courses were all about being competitive and having a lot of stress but today i learned that it wasn't. Today I went to the Ropes Course with my Women & Leadership class and other Leadership classes, we split into two groups between our class. I finally got the chance to spend time with some of the other girls in my class, it was very nice how we started off with  names. I finally memorized most of the girls names and I learned their limits based on how much they were willing to be open. I learned to not assume about how other people are, but to just speak out to them and make them feel comfortable around you.

After the first couple of name exercise we practiced some trust ones, it was very hard to have my partner Maria catch me since I had to trust her. I'm really proud of myself since I finally trusted someone after having a hard time opening up to friends because of my past experiences.It was really nice to see everyone work together on how to finish certain obstacles and also the communication was great. Sometimes we were told not to speak or to close our eyes or even to not give up any clues for some obstacles. I felt very privileged to be able to speak and move around. My all time favorite activity of the day was the ropes challenge where the whole Women & Leadership class gathered together for one activity. The purpose of this course was to get both halves of the class past knotted ropes whether it included carrying someone as a group or challenging ourselves to go through a rope without touching a rope. I was one of the small girls to be carried the highest and I must admit it was very hard to trust seven girls to carry me and seven girls to catch me on the other side, but I did it and I'm very proud.

After today I feel very proud of myself and my peers on working together. We didn't need the help of any adults we did it all by ourselves and figured ways to get across without making anyone feel uncomfortable or pushed past our limits. After my class I walked to my dorm with some of NEMOW and my new friends Mitchell, Stephanie, and Angy. My new friends are very nice and we help each other out on understanding the readings and assignments we have due. I feel like I'm getting much closer to the girls that are attending my classes and as well as my room adviser Isabella. My RA is so cool she even made name-tags for NEMOW and she told all the other girls that if they come to my room very often they'd get a name tag too. It seems as if everyone comes to my room to talk, blog, and do homework, it makes me feel very good since I have no roommate sadly. I can definitely see the friendships I'm making with everyone its good to know we're all the same somehow and we're here for a reason. Tomorrow's Friday and I'm excited for public speaking!
My wonderful door filled with names of people who come over all the time.

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