Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Beautiful Day To Remember

Today I woke up later then usual because I needed to catch up on my sleep. All the girls and I had planned to go to the mall in downtown Providence, which was right next to Waterplace Park. We headed out of Perkins Hall around 11:50 and headed to Thayer Street. We waited for about an hour for the bus to take us downtown, we weren't aware of the time in which the buses came down so we just waited and spent time with one another. The bus took us under a tunnel which lasted about two minutes, then we took two stops before we arrived at our destination.

We arrived at a very tall building which consisted of three floors, we entered through some doors next to CVS which led us to the top of the mall. Some of us were hungry so we went to go eat and some went to start their shopping time. After eating I headed to different stores such as Charlette Rouse, H&M, and Old Navy. It was very nice to have some girl time with my classmates, I even got a chance to buy some shorts for this hot humid weather.

We shopped for about two hours then we all met up by Macy's on the first floor and headed back to the dorms to drop off our stuff. 

After we dropped our stuff at the dorms we headed to Flatbread Pizza Company to meet up with NEMOW's chaperon Jenny. We ate salad and pizza, with a side drink of water and choice of other drink. The food was delicious!! After dinner NEMOW and Jenny headed downtown for the Waterfire show. When we got downhill we went to get some ice cream from a local vendor, I got a waffle cone with vanilla ice cream. After I got my ice cream cone we headed to find a nice spot for the Waterfire, we were standing on a bridge and sat on top of it as well. The Waterfire was really beautiful it was a once in a lifetime experience to attend since it's done only every two weeks. It was really nice to just sit there and watch the river be lighted by people on small boats dressed in black. The view was very nice as the city was being lighted by fire and city lights. After staying in Waterplace Park we headed to get a taxi to head back to the dorms it was a very nice day and tiring as well. Now it's time to get some rest and begin preparing my Action Plan.
Izabel and I watching the Waterfire.

Magaly and I enjoying the beautiful view.

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  1. I envy the way you all seem to enjoy each other's company and have so much fun together.