Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ready, Set, Action Plan Presentation!

Today was finally the day that we have all been waiting and preparing for... the Action Plan presentation! The actual date for the leadership institute was set to be on Friday, but since my cohort and Stacey are going to leave earlier than everyone else in the class, Dean Almandrez was kind enough to have us present today instead. For the morning session of class, those presenting their Action Plan on Friday practiced, and we were able to give feedback to each person. I thought that it was nice to see everyone practice their presentation, considering the fact that I won't be able to see them at their actual presentations. Everyone had such an amazing Action Plan that was unique to each individual and I could tell that each person was dedicated and passionate about their Action Plans. 

I have to be honest, I was a little scared and nervous for the afternoon. What if I would choke or mess up again like at the practice presentation yesterday? I didn't even know if I could do my speech better today than what I had yesterday. So many things were boggling in my mind, but the afternoon came faster than expected. 

After eating lunch at the Vdub, we went back to CIT to change in the bathroom. Of course my professional attire was a dark red dress with black polka dots and to top it all off, my hair was curled (thank you Magaly). We had two guests with us in the room. Jenny, our chaperone and Joshua, a Third World Center staff member who is also a feminist. 

I signed up to go seventh because everyone took the number I wanted. I was a bit nervous, but I kept saying to myself that I could do it. Not only that, but Julia, Theo, and Cameron helped reassure me that I would do a fantastic job just like yesterday, and that gave me more confidence. The moment was finally here, and I could feel that small rush of adrenaline rush through me as I walked up front. I told myself to not pretend to be someone else and just be myself. And so I did. I spoke just like how I would speak to someone, cracking a few jokes here and there trying to engage the crowd. I have to admit, the class did look a little bored so I wanted to make them laugh and liven up the room. 

Before I knew it, I was finished with my presentation. I was super proud of myself and I was glad that I made it through. Everyone complimented me on how great and engaging my speech was, even though I thought that it was too funny. But above all, I was satisfied with the results and I just hope I was able to motivate those who are presenting tomorrow.
After the action plan presentation with Dean Almandrez
The presentations ended at 2:30 PM, so Dean Almandrez dismissed the class early and offered to help with people's Action Plan presentation tomorrow. Some of us decided to celebrate so we went to SnoTea to get some crepes. It was originally Magaly, Cynthia, Thao, Muang, and I, but Stacey and Carlin decided to join shortly after. We literally played UNO for about an hour and a half while enjoying our delicious crepes. It was really fun and I was glad I got to spend time with Carlin and Stacey before we leave. 

Perkins Donut Cake!
Thao, YeonSoo, and I decided to go to the Vdub for one last meal. It was kind of sad knowing that we won't have the chance to eat there again for a really long while, maybe never. Even though most people disiked the food,  my wallet and I were still thankful for it since it got me through these two weeks with free food. I mean who doesn't love free food? 

After dinner, we did our final meeting with each floor's respective RA. Kass explained where we should leave our keys tomorrow and also gave a small speech in which she showed her love and appreciation for us. I was really sad since I felt that these two weeks went by so fast and I regret not doing more things with the other people. The highlight of the day was probably the small dance party for Perkins Hall. The RAs hosted it and it was a really fun party where everyone danced the night out. It's okay, they only served water and donut cakes. Overall, this was my last full day at Brown University and I just hope tomorrow will be a better one. I'm not ready for goodbyes just yet.
Bunny please come back!


  1. Remember that is never goodbye but later :) You have accomplished a lot in two weeks, imagine what you can accomplish in a month, year? You have created more friendships who you can keep in touch. Now you have gain tools and skills to engage with many and implement your action plan :) Is so great to see you grow and believe in who you are :)

  2. I don't even know who Maricela is but you need to listen to her--she speaks words of wisdom.