Thursday, July 31, 2014

And the Winner is, UNO!

Last Dinner at V Dub! Root Beer Float!
Maria, Sara, and I. We met at the Ice Cream Social.
I'm very happy today. Why? Because I'm finally finished with my action plan presentation. To be honest, I was nervous at first. I went eighth, second to last. Ten of us went today, in this order, Izabel, Sierra, Cynthia, Magaly, Yeonsoo, Stacey, Maria, me, Muang, and Jessie. It was nerve wracking, but I survived. The ten of us went after lunch, so we all decided to either wear our professional clothing or to bring it with us to change into. I wore a dress and some black shoes; my hair was curled for the occasion as well, thanks to Cynthia. While waiting for my turns, I listened to everyone's speeches. They were powerful and impacting. Before going, Maria made a very motivating speech. Her speech was both serious and funny, and I believe it brought out my own inner passion. When going up to speak to the class, I introduced myself and had a blast speaking. I felt that I claimed my space up there, and I hope it was inspirational and impacting. After finishing my speech and answering questions, I felt a spark of adrenaline afterwards. Once class ended, I wanted to celebrate our success. Maria, Cynthia, Carlin, Magaly, Muang, and I all went to Sno Tea Cafe. Maria and I shared a delicious crepe, a strawberry crepe with green tea ice cream. I also played UNO, for a good two hours until someone won, with Maria, Carlin, and Stacey. It was a difficult game because there were times when Carlin would be close to winning, but then we all gave her cards, or skipped her. It was a fun game, and I'm happy that I won the two hour game. To be honest, when Carlin was about to win I made the decision to reverse the game so that Maria, who had 1/4 of the deck, can give her cards but it backfired. I had half of the deck in my hand... so many cards. I'm hoping to keep this one win streak. 
Future Women Leaders

Having a Nice Walk
Tonight, there was a Perkins party located where we got our room keys. There was a gym near the party, and boy was it crazy. There was lively music and energetic people when the party began,. which was a good twenty minutes after the time to get there. It was disappointing for me to be in jeans, but I survived. It was hot, but dancing with everyone at Perkins was fun. I felt exciting during the beginning of the party, but soon too much dancing made me tired. I am a bit tired right now, but I will be sleeping on the train, or so I hope. The party played a bunch of good songs, and I enjoyed my time. One of the best things at the party was the food and seeing the RAs dance. The RAs can dance very well, and I'm hoping to get some new dance moves from them. At the party, they served a doughnut cake. It was sweet like a doughnut, but was bigger than any doughnut. It was the same size as a cake, and was magical. The dance party started to die down when it reached 10 o'clock, only leaving the RAs in the room. I soon left afterwards to find everyone else at the Main Green. When I say my cohort at the Main Green, there was a lot of people. I felt a bit sleepy so I wanted to go home early, but Maria, Stephanie, Sarita, Amy, and I decided to walk on Thayer St. for a bit. We ate some Froyo, and soon made our way back into Perkins. 

Today was the greatest day of my two week stay, and I wished we stayed for another week. I'm going to be sad tomorrow, and I'm hoping that I won't cry as much as I usually do.  I'm going to miss everyone, and I wish the best of luck to those who are going tomorrow. I hear that everyone from our class will not be in the same group, but with other students from the different courses. I forgot to mention that Jenny and Joshua, who works at the Third World Center, were at our speeches today. At the end of the event, Jenny gave us all a rose, and it was nice. I appreciated it, and I hope I don't crush it. Thank you for this experience, and I wish I would have stayed longer. All I can say is, I did it. 

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