Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First Generation Swag

Class this morning was fun! Dean Almandrez asked us if anyone was awake, and since the majority of us weren't, we played a game. The game was, "Have you ever." It's similar to "I love my neighbor," and that game woke me up. We played for a good 10 minutes, running around in our circle. It was fun, I know I keep saying the word fun, since it was a good way for us to awaken our muscles. In class today, we had a pop quiz. Our pop quiz consisted of our previous knowledge from the past readings and our discussions. I did a fairly good job. After passing our papers three seats to the right and receiving them, we had a group activity. Dean Almandrez asked us to give her examples on what to talk about. For example, women in the military, women in sports, and working with men and women. There were numerous topics, and our goal was to discuss about any topic. But the catch was to not go overboard with the conversation. If the conversation ended at 10 minutes, but actually ended 8 minutes ago then that's a sign. After doing this activity for 40 minutes, we all had a class lunch today. 

All 27 of us got to the V Dub quite early to get food and sit near each other. Today at the V Dub, they had the Jack in Box fries I talked about in my previous blogs. However, they were not as crispy as the Ratty's. They were good, but I wished they were crispier and crunchier. Overall, we had a good lunch. Janie did show us a riddle. It's complicated to type it out, but the key is to watch what's outside of the box. Once finishing our bonding meal, we got time to go back to class for our next surprise.

When I walked in, there were pieces of paper taped on the wall. It revealed different biographies, and pictures that we needed to reflect on. There were some pictures in which I thought were very true, and thanks to this class I was able to critically think about each photo. One photo was a group picture, and the comments below the picture were very positive. I really liked this activity because it continued to express the truth that social media is cruel to women. It was ironic to see how differently my thoughts were about the pictures now than before. Cynthia expressed how normal it would be if she saw the pictures a few months ago, and I agree with her. At the end of class everyone left to go to the dorms. I was eager to go back to the dorms as well because I needed to catch up on some work. I'm glad that I was able to finish my action plan and now I am finishing my blog. 

I was able to attend a Partner Scholarship Program which expressed information about being the first generation to go to college. The workshop featured Stanley and a couple of his friends. This was his program that he talked about in the last workshop. This workshop was fun because I was able to reunite with Amihan and Brandon. It was very informative, and the atmosphere was very calm and casual. At first, we all played a music game. Kisa Takesue was with me, but everyone was separated into four groups. Everyone got a part of a song, and together we were supposed to sing it. It was SUPER FUN, and that icebreaker was a brilliant idea. I'm hoping to bring that back to California. Afterwards I was paired with someone new. Her name is Becca, and she is taking the Pre-College course. As partners, we asked each other questions and I got to know her more. I was also able to know more about my fellow friends. For example, Brandon and Amihan do Dragon Boat, which sounds awesome already. They explained to me that it was where there is a huge boat in which twenty people row 500 meters. There are a row of ten on each side, alternating left and right. It was exciting and thrilling to see a Dragon Boat race. To be able to not know what this sport is, in comparison to how close we live was new. The Dragon Boat showed me that I still need to learn more about the Bay Area. However, I want a Dragon Boat team at my school now. It looks really fun, yet tiring, but I'm really into team sports. I'm hoping that I will continue to talk to them and one day they can teach me the ways of the water. 
First Generation Swag~!

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