Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gradual Leadership

My cohorts and I walked together to The VDub (Verney Woolley Dining Hall) to eat breakfast. It was about a 15 minute walk from Perkins dorms to VDub. The morning walk was peaceful with a slight cool breeze. We arrived early to enjoy our breakfast before class beginning at 9:00 AM.
Kisa Jo Takesue, the Director of Leadership of Continuing Education at Brown University held a fundamental ‘Listening Workshop’ for the Women and Leadership and Social Justice Classes at Smith-Buonanno building room 106. I learned that building leadership qualities starts off with effective active listening and making genuine effort to understand people. Nonverbal body language sets a major impact on a speaker, whether it is negative or positive behavior that changes their confidence in themselves or gives them new perspectives. Some negative body language can be an eye roll, once over, glares and physical approximately. In our interactive listening workshop, we had partners, where one of us would ask their partner a question and listen quietly while portraying negative body language, while he or she is giving their explanations. We switched positions, and then at the end of the experiment there was a discussion of how it went. Some students confessed that they felt hurt when their partner had to act such as they did not care for what they were saying. I was surprised that even if we knew our roles beforehand, it was natural to feel hurt. To give and receive feedback is empowering. Also, the three main components of our listening workshop were to: 1) try to give positive non-verbal feedback 2) ask open-ended questions 3) give a summary and reflection. Lastly, I learned about the motto: “ I feel _when you_because_ specific behavior and nonjudgmental. Director Takesue had taught us we owe it to ourselves to tell the person how much impact he/she has on them. The listening workshop was motivating and opened up more perspectives for me. It will definitely influence my actions in the present and future.
Director of Leadership of Continuing Education at Brown University Kisa Jo Takesue and Me
Delicious and filling lunch at The VDub Dining Hall
We had plenty of extra time before class our class began, so we explored Thayer Street together.
Women and Leadership class began at 1:00 today. My cohorts and I arrived early to class about 15 minutes. Dean Almandrez walked my class through an inspired Jewish and Palestinian Intergroup Dialogue. She handed our whole class a deck of cards, and we had to choose one random facedown card. We were to silently display our own card to match it up to a same card. My partner was A and I was identified as B. Each of us took a turn to ask, “Who are you?” while staying silent to listen. It took me by surprise, and was challenging at first, but I eventually opened myself up in a smooth manner. The second question was “What do you pretend to be” and the last question was “Who do you think I am?” This exercise led me to understand more about myself and my partner.  I was surprised these questions led my partner and I to say things about ourselves we wouldn't normally think about or admit.

 At 5:15 PM, Jenny our amazing chaperon met us outside Perkins dorms, to take us out to a recommended cafe called, ‘The Duck and Bunny’. I wanted to try something new, so I ordered a Honey Lavender Cupcake and a Gluten Free Raspberry Chocolate Cupcake. Let’s just say I did not regret it.  I was so glad and grateful we had gotten to experience exploring close by to Brown University. Although it is my second day of learning at Brown University, I am noticing more about myself and where I stand.
Left to Right Magaly, Maria, YeonSoo, and Jenny at The Duck & Bunny cafe
The Duck & Bunny Cafe on Wickenden Street Providence, RI
Honey Lavender Cupcake and Raspberry Chocolate Cupcake
As you can see, I am not used to drinking iced coffee, so I put lots of sweetener.

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