Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Four More Days Left

Wow, it’s kind of crazy to think that we have only four more days here. We will be leaving all the friends we have made and start doing our own things, hopefully we can all keep touch but life can get in the way of things.  Today in class we had a pop quiz, which reminded me of high school. But in class we focused ongoing over theories that were created by or for leaders, theories that justified a good leader. One theory that has been commonly used overtime is the Great Man Theory that says a good leader is a white male that is 40years old, and then there was Behavior Theory that basically says that specific behaviors are needed to be a good leader. There are many more like the Situational/Contingency Theory, Trait Theory, Influence Theory, Reciprocal Theory and the Social Change Model. All these theories have a different perspective of what a good leader is and different types of theories are applied all over on a daily bases.

The second part of class was a gallery walks through; this gallery was made in our classrooms and had several pictures about feminism. Some were images of how society depicts women and others were about great women leaders. The class was given post-its and told to write about how they feel about the picture and hang it right next picture. After that we all sat and discussed what the pictures meant to us and it was interesting to see how our feelings differ or compare. Everyone had their own way of looking at the picture which gave me new perspectives to look at.

Later on in the day we had a workshop specifically for people who are here on scholarship. This workshop was very interesting to me; I meet other students who came on scholarship, meeting people who came from the same struggles and same backgrounds as me. They understood the feeling of being out of place and having to prove our worth ten times harder. This workshop really allowed me to discuss some of the personal thought and feelings with others who understand or feel what I am feeling.  Today overall was a very productive.

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