Friday, July 25, 2014

Speaking With Your Mind

So according to my roommate, Ofir, and a couple of my fellow members of the cohort, I wake up very early than most girls do at Perkins. Is 6:30 AM too early? I don't really think so. In reality, I'm actually the "human alarm clock" for this cohort, and I am honored to have the job. Personally, I don't like being the last one to get ready or be the person that everyone has to wait for. That's just how I am, I like to be on time, especially if there is a specific set time. 

The day started off as normal as always, waking up earlier than my roommate, taking my toiletries and making my way to the other side of the floor to Cynthia's dorm. Of course we all got ready and made our way to the Ratty for breakfast. Today's class was actually a Public Speaking workshop. Our special guest for today was Ms. Jennifer Madden, a Brown graduate with a PhD in performing arts. She really taught us a lot about public speaking and gave us very helpful tips about presenting ourselves to an audience. An important thing that I learned that really applied to me was to talk slower. Naturally, I have a fast voice and at times it may seem as if I am "rapping" during public speaking. But everything can all be fixed with just practice, according to Jennifer, and that's exactly what we did after lunch.

Cynthia, Sarita, and I 
We were divided into two groups for the second part of class. I was in group number 1, so we were outside with Dean Almandrez and Isabella for the remaining part of the class. For this activity, everyone picked a random topic to talk about, based on what each of us wrote in the beginning. When it was my turn, I chose the topic about the effects of social media on our generation. I have to admit, I was really nervous when it was my turn, since we had to apply everything that we learned during the first part of class earlier morning. My first strategy when I was up there was to ask a question. Fortunately enough, my question engaged my audience and all eyes were on me. But for most of the part I just let everything flow and it worked for the majority of my speech. The only thing that stumped me were the questions. I really wasn't ready for the questions that they would asked, and I thought that I really embarrassed myself. But overall, my audience was very supportive and gave me positive feedback that really motivated me to try my hardest at the action plan presentation next week.

Our next plan for the day was to go to the Waterplace Park and watch the Kongos perform for free. The park was located in downtown Providence, and it was such a large crowd. The place was pretty much packed; on the grass, bridge, and even on the sides. We stuck close together as a group, and made sure that we didn't get lost. It was such a beautiful evening, with the large crowd and the Kongos performing just before sunset. This was really an image and an event that I don't see often back in Richmond. Sometimes it's hard to believe that I actually am in Providence with my friends, living the college life. I better make the most out of this trip, I know that it will go by fast.
There's always time for a group photo
Waterplace Park

Aren't we adorable?


  1. Kennedy Women:
    I am so loving the blogs and pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. You all seem to be having such an amazing experience. I am so proud of you. And a little jealous.


  2. Keep pushing yourself and yes practice makes perfect :) Richmond may not have the events you are learning about, but it may inspire to research what else is around your community. Keep learning and taking pictures to show us a glimpse of your experience