Tuesday, July 29, 2014


At 6:50 PM, my cohorts and I were seated in Smith and Buonono building Room 106, for Summer@Brown Partner Scholar Programs workshop. The Ivy League Connection is one of Brown University's Summer@Brown Partner Organizations. Our workshop was facilitated by three Brown University Undergraduates, Jessica Brown, Stanley Stewart, and Manuel who are rising juniors and first generation college students meaning they were the first of their family to attend college. Kisa Takesue, Director of leadership Programs at Brown University started us off with the welcome opening and participated in our Icebreaker activity before individual introductions. Today had many interesting interactions in the classroom, where the Partner Scholars shared similar backgrounds. It was hard not noticing most of the Partner Scholars present today were from Bay Area, California. After the icebreker and individual introductions ( name, place you are from, an interesting fact), we sat in a large circle, then were given instructions to find an unfamiliar partner for the next activity. This activity was the same as what my Women and Leadership class done last week, where one person asks the question, "Who am I" to their partner then the second question was," Who do you pretend to be?". I found this activity was not too difficult or surprising, since I have done it before once last week. It was interesting to relate with people I have just met in discussions. Soon, we were asked,"What poster on the wall is the main reason for going to college?". Out of the four: family, financial stability/future,specific career or myself/ self-exploration, I agreed more with myself/self-exploration. In the end, it is your curiosity and persistence that keeps up self-motivation.

This morning, the sun was rising quickly, where I could feel how hot today will be, while walking to the VDub dining halls. We are lucky, that VDub is not many blocks from our classroom location. For breakfast, I had delicious seasoned cut baked potatoes, a sausage patty and french toast, which I finished fast.

In class, Dean Almandrez issued a pop quiz, which was five questions ranging from the beginning of class to last nights reading. Then we listed seventeen topics our class preferred to discuss and learn more about in class. Open-discussion formed on  what topics were listed. Dean Almandrez presented us of the four Principles we will need to keep in mind during discussions: whoever comes are the right people, whenever it starts is the right time, whenever its over, its over, and whatever happens just happens. An important one I learned today was law of two feet, meaning I move freely in discussing topics posted around the room. Round one were the topics my class listed that we wanted to learn more about, thenafter lunch were advertisements, cartoons, and newspaper articles of women in leadership. This activity made me write my comments and speak out quickly on the spot to share my thoughts on these issues. Today was a focus on self- reflection and insight.

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  1. Great job continuing to challenge yourself and also to apply what you are learning truthfully. It will be uncomfortable sometimes, but you will learn a lot about yourself. Once you look back at all you have written you will see the many things you would have never done :) Stay focus and continue learning :)