Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dean Almandrez Is The Best!

Unlike other days I woke up very sad, it's actually hitting me that my days at Brown are down to two to three days left. When I arrived to class Dean Almandrez had Dunkin'Donuts , I was entirely full from breakfast so I didn't bother grabbing a donut. The class began with a game called Guestures, the class was split into two. The game was basically about guessing what your teammate was acting out, we had a time limit, and were competing for points. Sadly my team lost but it was okay we all had fun. After the game we were counted by fives and five groups were divided, we were given a scavenger hunt sheet. We were told to look all over campus for bear status, the Van Wicked Gates, Sarah Doyle's Women Center, Pembroke college seal, and other stuff. It was nice to walk around campus and explore more I learned where more things were. There was definitely lots of competition. After the scavenger hunt everyone was released to go to lunch.
                                                  We had to ask them to pose super women.
                                                   One of the guys that supports feminism.

When we gathered once again for our afternoon class, Dean Almandrez asked us what we thought about the scavenger hunt, we all said it was fun, competitive, and exploring. Dean Almandrez mentioned to us that the rules simply said "Stay as a group" obviously nobody followed instructions. Dean Almandrez tested us she knew we were going to be very competitive we could of easily walked as a class to find all the items on the list. I agree with the Dean that we should of worked together but it was really fun to walk around and ask people for directions or even pictures. After we finished talking about the scavenger hunt we began doing our action plan presentation practices for those who won't be able to do them Friday afternoon. I was the fifth out of ten people to present I felt like I was speaking from my heart, I seemed to inspire my classmates as well. I felt more comfortable and aware of what I was saying compared to my speech from The School Board Meeting a few months ago. My classmates gave me lots of good feed back, I feel prepared for my actual presentation tomorrow.

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