Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fire, Ice Cream, and Shopping

My day started out waking up around 10 in the morning. It was nice waking up late -- it really allowed my body to get the rest it need. I dressed myself and got ready to go to the Providence Place Mall. A group of 8 girls and I left the dorms around noon. Since my feet where still swollen from the previous day we decide to go on the bus.
Water Fire during the day
Once we began shopping I decided to call home and see how everything was going with my sister. To my surprise I found out that my sister was having the time of her life in Disneyland -- without me -- which made me very emotional in the store. I was very disappointed with her timing. Shopping after that made me feel sad when I saw a Mickey Mouse shirt. 
After shopping Nemow went out for pizza at a local restaurant called Flatbread Company which  was a great choice with good tasting pizza and salad.

Great Pizza
Muang, Thao, Maria, and I
For desert we stopped by a local ice-cream vendor where I ordered a blackberry and coffee ice-cream on a cone. The ice-cream was some of the best tasting ice-cream I have ever tasted.
I had a great view, I was sitting on the edge of a bridge, but don't worry there was a rail there to hold on to.
Water Fire was magical and peaceful I felt very relaxed seeing the fire light up Water Park.

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  1. You always seem to find the good in things. It's infectious and your cohort is lucky to have you with them.