Saturday, July 26, 2014

It's Saturday!!!!

Saturday!!!! The weekend is here and I will gladly admit I slept until 3 PM today. But after waking up from my wonderful sleep, Jenny took us to an art museum it was an amazing museum that had a lot of different types of art it was an amazing experience. There was so many different types of art there, ranging from the sculptures to fashion there were super famous paintings from just modern dresses and books. There was this amazing vanity that was absolutely beautiful and I would love to have that in my room. One of my weird obsessions is vanities and I don’t know why but they are I was very excited to see this. Then there were amazing tea pots that were handmade and glass made water pouches, it was awesome.
The amazing skills that was used to carve Ivory
My favorite animal that was displayed beautifully 
My future vanity table!
After that we went to the WaterFire and on the lake they had a lights festival that happens every two weeks and I am very happy it happened during our stay here. We asked the police officers the significance of this event and they just said an artist decided to do this a long time ago and now it happens every two weeks. We watched the fire burn on the water -- it's something I don’t see happen in California all the time. The weather was beautiful nice and breezy but not too cold at all.  Today was very fun and relaxing and I can’t wait for Zumba tomorrow and the picnic! 
WaterFire Light Festival 

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  1. Tell me that you didn't really admit to me, your sponsors and your new friends all over the world that you really slept until 3 PM.

    And with the events planned for Sunday, are all of those scheduled for late in the afternoon, too?

    And tell me again where it is that you see water burning here in California.