Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Searching for Something....

Charades in class was exciting! I know I jumped straight to class, but I believe that if my mornings are the same as usual, there is no reason to write the same things over and over again. I was part of Team One, and even though we lost, I learned a valuable lesson. Timers are scary. This version of Charades was exhilarating yet disappointing because I became too competitive. After Team Two won, our next major activity was the Scavenger Hunt. I was with Cynthia, Carlin, Cameron, and Michelle. The five of us went together from point A to point B. We were the last group, but it was nice to be last because we were together the entire time. It was a lot of walking and I felt a stronger bond with Carlin and Cameron, the two who I haven't bonded with as much. At the end of the Scavenger Hunt, we discussed the activity after lunch. It was surprising to realize how we are competitive by nature. To be honest, we all could have gotten together and split the list into 5 equal parts, since there were 5 groups. I was disappointed to figure out how competitive we all gotten, and I even tried to hide my own competitiveness. I really wanted to win, but after realizing that those in my group were not as competitive, I decided to go with their flow. It was fun to check off our list, but what Dean Almandrez said was inspiring. 

Maria and I embracing
After discussing about the Scavenger Hunt, we transitioned  into the practice Action Plans. It was nerve wracking to go up and talk about my action plan, but I did it. The hard part for me was the flow, and I got nervous when I was up there. I lasted, and the questions were pretty good. I liked the feedback I got, and was able to cope with it. The feedback from my fellow peers were motivating for me because I finally realize why people take my lightly. It has to do with the tone of my voice, and the body language that I portray. I am ready for tomorrow, or so I hope, because now I know how to make my speech better. 

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  1. I am so proud of how motivated you are to learn and better yourself.