Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Being Ourselves

The Yummy Donuts
I had a huge breakfast today at V Dub, but I came into class and there were donuts! There's always space for more food so I ate one delicious donut. Thank you Dean Almandrez for bringing Dunkin Donuts for the whole class today. In class,we had a scavenger hunt to find a number of things on the campus like the two statues of the bear and the unisex bathroom. As soon as the game started, one group criticized another and people started running. Why was our first instinct to finish the game first?  It's impossible for everyone to believe that we can all work together as a team. Dean Almandrez talked about how everyone playing Tug of War wants to win. Why couldn't everyone just walk to the opposite side? There is always a rope between us that we think we have to pull, but we can actually all win. It's human's instinct to compete. Everyone is trained to compete since they are little in order to get what they want. However, I learned today that we don't need to pull each other down when there is room for more than one person. After lunch, I gave my practice speech about my Action Plan and it turned out better than I expected. I appreciated everyone's negative feedback more than positive ones because it will help me improve my speech. When class ended, some of us got emotional about our Action Plan because we were scared of being judged for not being good enough. Dean Almandrez told us that the only opinion that should matter is our own. During our practice speeches, we all tried to be someone we are not because we were pressured to be perfect. I hope that tomorrow we will all be our own inspiration. 
Scavenger Hunt Picture!
Warm hugs to celebrate being ourselves
1, 2, 3 CHEESE!

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