Monday, July 21, 2014

My First Full Day in Providence

I was successfully able to get a good night rest the previous night. I woke up, feeling refreshed and ready to go. My roommate, Ofir, woke up an hour earlier than me and went outside. I was still half asleep and unfortunately, she forgot her key so I had to re awaken and open it up for her. She apologized, but I was pretty chill about it and went back to sleep.

I got ready at around 7:15 AM and met the group down at the main entrance at 8. We then made our way to the Ratty, which is basically a buffet-like cafeteria for all the Brown University students. For breakfast, I had scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes. I was really hungry and this breakfast satisfied my stomach. 

Watson CIT building
After a quick breakfast, we hurried to find our class. We wanted to make sure we got there on time, since we did not want to have a bad first impression on our teacher. Fortunately, the building was not too far from the Ratty and we got there just before 9. As soon as everyone made their way inside, we made a small introduction and started class right away. We learned quite a handful of things, mostly new vocabulary. I really liked how everything was set up, the girls are all bright and amazing, each with a different personality. There is 24 girls in total in the Women and Leadership class,  so it's almost a perfect size. Our group is very diverse and we easily have a strong connection with one another. We mostly talked about stereotypes based on age, race and ethnicity, religion, sex and gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, and economic status. We also learned about the 4 Stories and we analyzed two videos. Overall, I thought that the first part of class was pretty chill and informative. Our instructor ended the first part of class about 5 minutes early, which was good since we arrived back at the Ratty early, before the rush hour came in. I have to say that lunch was great, pepperoni pizza and some BBQ chicken wings that was one of the best that I have ever tasted. After lunch, we went back to our second part of class. It actually went by pretty quick, but we still had a workshop from 4-6. 

The workshop session was the funnest of the day. We learned about the four different types of leaders labeled: North, South, East, and West. The North type of leadership was more of a "just do it" type of person, whereas the South was more of a "teamwork" style. The West on the other hand, was more of a "quality is #1" while the East was "big on creativity". I didn't really know what type of leader I was until I read each direction's descriptions. Each one had it's pros and cons. I learned that to be a great leader, you are going to need almost all of these traits to get the job done. 

This day was a fun day especially in class. I was able to meet a couple of new people and work together with them in groups. I also learned a lot of new things that I can apply into everyday lives.
Quick selfie during our lunch break

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  1. Maaaria!I hope you have a great time.You have a great future ahead of you.