Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gummy Worms!!

 My morning stared going to Starbucks for a shot of espresso to really wake me up, however I was disappointed  when the coffee didn't do its job. During are class we started with watching a video on YouTube called "Like a Girl" To me the video was a real reflection on how girls lose confidence as they get older and allow the media to define  the meaning "like a girl".
Campus Statue
During are second class we watched a movie called "Miss Representation" here is the trailer for the movie After watching I had a different view on how the media perseveres women and  oversexualized them which oppress them in the public eye.
 During are diversity workshop, lead by Isabella are class TA,  I was enlightened about how everyone is different and don't just fit in one group. And we disused how people identity themselves in to category like age,religion,SES, politics,sex&gender, and disability just to name a couple. And how one can be your pribleg or disadvantage. 
Maria being silly 
After dinner Nemow went to the Brown Book Store were the ILC purchased us a hood which I love and I will have a picture comeing soon. Nemow also went to go get some frozen yogurt which I am obsessed with now. You might tell I injoyed the topping selections. Overall it was a fun day with good yogert.


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