Monday, July 28, 2014

Action plan in process...

Today, I was so happy that I finally used my poncho and umbrella. There was a mist when I woke up around 6:30 AM but didn't realize how bad it got later on. I went back upstairs, climbing as fast as I could, and got my poncho and umbrella. I was so shocked when I stepped outside and the rain was ten times worse than what it looked like outside the window. Thao, Stephanie and I were walking fine for about two minutes. Then, the rain let all hail loose and we were all soaking wet, specifically Thao and it was just horrible. I felt like a whole gallon of water was dropped on my umbrella every second. The wind wasn't helping either because it blew all the rain to our faces. I had the urge to sing songs that were very contradictory to the climate and situation and I tried to make people feel better but I think no one was listening to me. One minute before we arrived at the V-Dub, the skies cleared and it became really hot within thirty seconds. I think we were all pissed because the weather was very bipolar and now, I understand why there is so much greenery and trees here.

At first, I was kind of stressing my Action Plan because I couldn't find a way to blend one of my passions into something that would be life changing for me and my community.

I realized today, when I complained to one of the girls, that I hated how people had no consideration for the environment. Yesterday in my blog, I talked about how I wasn't used to the idea that no one really recycles here and  everyone uses plastic bags instead of reusable bags. I knew that my action plan had to do something with helping the environment and the appearance of my community. So I was thinking and thinking that morning until I arrived to the V-Dub where we ate breakfast. After breakfast, I think gave me the energy and nutrition I needed to process everything. I finally got it! An after-school program where we go and clean-up the park or beach or school at the end of every week. We can help the environment by picking up trash before it reaches our oceans, lakes, and in animals stomachs. This will also make my community appear very attractive and clean which is good for making good impressions.

We are adorable
I worked on the details more today because I felt so inspired and now, I have a final foundation and structure of what I want to do. I am so happy-- I feel that everything makes sense and that was the thing I was most worried about because if you do not have an action plan, how can anyone graduate from this course. But most importantly, I couldn't change the world with my ideas. I am halfway done with my essay that is due in about two days and I am so relieved that I discovered my plan sooner than later.

A good piece of advice that I can say is that you shouldn't stress about a certain situation because you passion will find you. All you can probably do is just try to apply yourself to everything you do and within that activity, you will find something you are passionate about.

I cannot wait until the day where my Action Plan becomes a reality and I see people who are as dedicated and committed about the environment like me because that will show me that all my hard work was for the greater good. I love this program more and more everyday and now, I lag the day where it will be time to say goodbye. Something I will never let go, are the friendships that I made here and all the irreplaceable memories that I wouldn't change for all the money in the world.
We can take on the world!

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