Monday, July 21, 2014

NEMOW's First Day of School!

To understate things, today's been a long day…

The morning started off at bright and early 7 AM (which was a relief compared to yesterday's 3 AM), and was quickly followed by the walk over to the Ratty—the nearest dinning hall.  I’m not homesick yet, but I honestly miss having access to a kitchen 24/7 (no fear though, this afternoon I stopped by the local market and bought snacks to keep in my dorm). Anyways, after breakfast I walked with my roommate, Julia to the first day of our Women & Leadership class!

In today’s class, we started the morning session with a discussion about the traits that make up one’s social identity: sex & gender, sexual orientation, race & ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disabilities, spirituality & religion, and age. From there, the discussion moved on to the subsequent positions within society (dominant vs. submissive) along with the various forms of oppression used to maintain these social constructs (i.e. racism, classism, sexism, etc.) I found this discussion to be extremely interesting because before this I never thought about how social constructs (which are more or less a form of categorizing people) could have real world consequences.  We then talked about the different versions of stories: stock (the ones that everyone is told), concealed (the hidden parts of stock stories), resistance, and counter narrative (counters the stock story). After all, “History is always written by the winners”. 

After a quick lunch break, we met back up and discussed the 4 different types of leaders—North, East, West, and South. It soon became clear to that I was pretty obviously a “Northern” leader, where the motto is “If you to do something right, do it yourself”.  Well, that sounds about right.  Overall, I had an amazing first day and am looking forward to the rest of the class!

Blogging party in Cynthia's room!

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