Monday, July 21, 2014

Fantastic First Day with Fun!

The first morning of school was beautiful. The sun shined through our window, and the birds chirped a sweet tune. It was annoying to know that I woke up at 6 AM, keep in mind that I was a bit tired the day before. Yasmin and I both got up to the knocking sound of who? Yeonsoo and Maria. They were knocking on my door to wake me up to go to breakfast. Yasmin and I talked about our hometowns and how she basically brought her whole closet to Brown University. I started laughing and wondered how she was able to fit all of her clothes in her luggage. She is a fashionable person, which I hope will make me more fashionable. I'm so glad that we are rooming together because she is so generous. At 8 AM, I left with the NeMoW group, without Jessie and Sierra. Breakfast at the Ratty, the Sharpe Refractory, was quite hectic since there was a long line. The line went by surprisingly fast and all of us got breakfast. We all finished around 8:40 and went straight to Watson CIT 219.

Getting a Quick Break
At class today, we learned about the seven social identities, race/ethnicity, income and education, spirituality, gender and sex, sex orientation, and age. In our class, there were times when we were assigned a group to talk about a certain topic. For example, Theo, Janie, Savanna, and I were group four, and discussed about out top three things that we thought social identity is most defined by. When our class finished, we, NeMoW, took different routes to our destinations. Yeonsoo and I walked to get an I.D. and had a blast. It was ironic at first to be the only one to not receive an I.D., but it was all good. Once I got my I.D., Yeonsoo and I walked over to the elevator to go down to the first floor, but as the door opened and closed Yeonsoo was lost. She got out of the elevator at the right moment the door closed. It was so funny because the door was closing at turtle speed and Yeonsoo still couldn't get in. The voice said, " Please step away from the closing doors," as I descended. I soon got to the first floor and went back up for Yeonsoo. She was waiting there patiently and we laughed about the event when going down. As we left, we went to meet everyone to go to for 4-6 PM leadership workshop.

The leadership workshop was fun. Our dean, Mary-Grace Almandrez also made it to this event. Our first activity was to make decisions, and then we learned about the North, South, East, and West styles of leadership. To summarize, the North take action, the South listen to one another, the West are planners, and East are believers. I considered myslef as a West at first, but now I'm pretty positive that I am going to become an East. During our workshop people said that the East were probably not as strong as leaders as the others, and I agree. However, I believe that having an enthusiastic imagination in a team is necessary for a group to get excited about working. We made skits at the end of our workshop which were the funniest. Our skit was about making a plan for next year's W&L group. The South got into a circle and began talking about what they would do. It was amusing to see how they all accepted each others' opinions and respected their friendship. The North were pretty straightforward and on point. They felt like soldiers. And the West were the over thinkers of the situation. We were all trying to think of the perfect way to plan everything. By doing this, we were not being able to use our time efficiently since deadlines for us are scary. The skits were probably my favorite part, and off to dinner we went.

Dinner at the V Dub was new. It was our first day there, and they have a variety of food to serve, more than the Ratty. It is a longer walk, but the workshop was near the dining hall, a good 5 minutes. After eating, we all returned to our dorms, with our new classmate Yuki. Our walk back to our dorms was pretty tiring, but we made it. The first day was pretty tiring, so I'm hoping that I will get more sleep tonight.
NeMoW hard at work!

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