Friday, July 25, 2014

Free Kongo Concert

Today we had a guest speaker named Jennifer Madden who got her PhD from Brown University in 2008.  I learned tips and tricks when speaking in public. I don't have a fear of speaking in public. I do, however, have the tendency of playing with my hand and now I can make small movements with my hands without bringing them together playing with my hands distracting the audience from my message. I also learned how to take small pauses during a speech to let my point set in and give the audience the chance to process the last thing said. I also learned that the audience wants to know WIIFM (what's in it for me). Therefore  I have to keep in mind when talking about taking action.
Thao's presentation
Each person had to pick two papers from the mixed pile and choose one to present to the class. We only had 60 seconds to prepare. I had the choice between abortion or should  torture be used to as a means of gathering information.

After my 60 seconds were up I walked in the room with confidence and showed my command presence. I made a strong argument on how it should be a woman's choice about how it's their choice to do what they do with their bodies. I strongly argued that  government should not have the right to tell a woman what to do with her body. After my presentation there was a Q&A where I used some of the tools that I learned in class earlier to answer difficult questions from my audience.
In reflection I learned that I have a very powerful ability to talk to people in a way where they can understand my point of view. When I get back home to my community I now realize I have a way to speak out for equality. Overall I feel prepared after this class for next week's Action Plan presentation.
Getting an early start on my blog
On our way to a concert we passed by the capital of Rhode Island, of the smallest state in the union. The walk was about 15 minutes long and involved walking down steep hills that later on we had to climb up and that was the real challenge.
The Capital
The band Kongos played tonight in Water Park in Providence. The show was just what I wanted which was trying something new. There were people in kayak's trying to see the show from the water which I think was creative.
After the concert I stooped by CVS with a group of girls that had some snack shopping to accomplish. One of the chasers was very nice to me, his name was Victor and he took the time to talk to me about my visit to Providence. He had a great sense of humor that lightened up my trip to CVS.

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  1. I loved the treasure trove photos here but the one that jumped out was the one that showed you getting a head start on your blog. You know I had to like that one. What a champ.