Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Effects of One Week

I felt like I learned a lot today, both about myself and how unaware I am about certain themes within our society.  For a homework assignment (an essay on social construction of gender analysis), I decided to write about the messages that the media reinforces within our society, in particular the music industry.  The artist that I focused on happened to be a rapper that my friends and I listen to quite frequently. When we sang and danced along to the lyrics, we never really paid any attention to the deeper meanings of it; to us it simply had a catchy beat.  Throughout the course of my work, I became increasingly aware the misogynistic (among other negative) undertones that we simply can't afford to reinforce within the younger generations.  At this point in time, the only way for a progressive shift in society and the resulting culture is to “reboot” the entire system, beginning with the newer, more impressionable generations and finally putting an end to the current cycle of socialization. Until now, I was never fully aware of what was happening within our society and I can thank this program for beginning to open my eyes.
I found a Susan B. Anthony coin, which to me seems like a good omen for what's to come

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