Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's The Last Week At Brown!?

This morning I woke up as if I was home, I felt comfortable and now I'm use to my daily routine on getting ready for class. I headed to breakfast then to class, the seats were in a circle but everyone sat in different spots compared to other days. It was great because I sat next to Julia in which I didn't know anything about her I barely even knew her name. The class began by talking about our whole experience an what we've learned. We then named many topics that consisted of Women and Leadership then our TA Isabella made name tags with each topic. We were told to walk around and have conversations about the topics some were;cultural appropriation, feminism, rape culture, and women in military.

I went to the sign that said women in military, we discussed how women shouldn't be the main ones getting targeted. We then left to lunch early since we were going to have lunch as a class, I had the chance to sit down and talk to more people which was great. After lunch I headed to class and we did a gallery walk which had different pictures of people or targeted images. The one that mainly caught my attention was the one where they had teenage Halloween costumes, it really made me realize that our society encourages to wear very open clothing. It's as if our society taught us all these things that are just wrong. After we walked around we talked to a partner and I chose Julia and I connected a lot with her we felt like women should get more credit for what they do.

After the discussion on the gallery walk Dean Almandrez made everyone count to four and we separated into four groups. Each group was given a topic or phrase to act out. My group (four) got Leadership Institute we simply had someone act like Dean Almandrez and basically acted like we were repeating a workshop or class. I found it really funny and nice that everyone actually participated more then the first activities we had, everyone's now more open. We then got released to leave class early to work on our action plans. I must admit I used up all the time and got most of my action plan done, I'm proud of myself.

I had dinner around 6:20 PM at the "V-Dub" and then headed to "Smitty B" to the Partner Scholarship program, which was for students who were here at Brown due to scholarships and for being the first ones going to college. The ones who had the workshop going on was Stanley Stewart, Manuel Contreras, and Jessica Brown, their all uprising juniors and Brown. I connected a lot with Manuel because we both come from Latin cultures and we both have family support but not money wise. I felt like I actually belonged there, all the people who went were just like me, our social economic status, family origins, and intelligence matched up I had a great time with them.

From the Partner Scholarship program I learned that Brown doesn't actually require you to have a career path they have and open curriculum program which helps you figure out what you want. Before talking to the three uprising juniors I thought college was highly expensive but they mentioned if your SES is less then 60,000 Brown pays your school all the way. After hearing their personal experiences I'm inspired to maybe think of applying to Brown University, it's a very good school, they help you out a lot.
Our Partners Scholarship Program Leaders.

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