Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Opening Open To My New Friends

Today was the third day of school and I must admit it was better because I'm now catching up on my sleep and getting used to the time difference. As always I was awaken by YeonSoo since she's always the early bird as well as Maria. Around 8:00 AM my cohort a.k.a. NEMOW (New Might Of Women) headed out to breakfast. We now are use to getting to breakfast in about five minutes. The "Ratty" had the same food as every other day during breakfast so I'm use to eating eggs, pancakes, sausages with an apple juice. After breakfast NEMOW headed to Watson Center for Informational Technology for our Women & Leadership class. We arrived early as always and enjoyed the air conditioning since it was very humid outside. We waited as our classmates walked in one by one then soon the teacher arrived and class began.

 We began the class with a preflection of yesterday's activities. Then we watched a video called "Like A Girl" which was based on a casting where girls and boys of all ages were told to do certain stuff and act like a girl. It was amazing to see how they acted in a typical girly way instead of acting like themselves, our society seriously teaches us to just act like the "average girl". After we watched the video the class was divided into four, two groups observed the other two groups write the characteristics of a girl and boy. It was cool to see how we see both genders. After the first two groups described the characteristics of both genders, we switched, and now the opposite groups wrote how people would consider them if they don't do those certain things. After observing the board and seeing what we came up with we were told to create scenarios on how those characteristics applied to our daily life. It was sad to see how our society acts. After this we simply went into details and shared what we were feeling which is confidential. At the end of class we headed to lunch at the "Ratty" I ate simple turkey, smashed potatoes, and a pizza.

I found my second part of my Women & Leadership class way more interesting, we watched a film called "MissRepresentation" it really made me change my opinion on makeup and social media. During the film I realized that Disney movies have the characters more worried about being pretty then education wise and children now and days worry about beauty. Well at least I grew up that way and now I regret not breaking that awful cycle. Also of us women are taught to let men control us but why? Why can't we control ourselves? Why can't we speak up I wish I had the answer. Now I feel highly uncomfortable wearing my makeup just to support us women and feel beautiful without makeup.At the end of the class we discussed how we felt regarding all these shows and social medias controlling us females and make us feel very insecure. After the class I headed for a walk just to go see the stuff at the bookstore.

Today we went to a Diversity workshop in Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center where my room advisor Isabella lead the workshop. It was very open and fun to talk about ourselves to eachother . I even learned more about how different people felt about being privileged for having money and not being disabled. I even learned more about Muong, a close friend of mine from school. At the end of the class we did a big circle and did a "Step in Step Out" exercise  where everyone got to see how diverse we all were at the end it was a great workshop We even took a picture as a class!
My Women & Leadership Class.

Around 6:40 PM NEMOW headed to dinner and we ate quickly, i ate lots of pastas which was delicious! Then when we came out we found our chaperon Jenny and she took us to the bookstore to get our hoodies. It was hard choosing especially when i only fit the kid sizes. We all found our hoodies on time and took a picture for Don and we went for some yogurt. It was very good as everyone described, we were very tired and worried about blogging and sleeping on time so we headed to our dorms. When we got to our dorms we said goodbye to Jenny for the day and went up and started blogging, I'm really looking forward to the ropes course tomorrow!
Never a normal picture with Thao but our hoodies are so warm!

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