Thursday, July 24, 2014

Challenge Ropes Course Without Any Ropes

Trying to find a tittle that represents what you are about to read and summarize it correctly takes a lot of focus and concentration. Taking today very literally but also figuring out the hidden meaning and purpose of today, I came up with this title. Today was Challenge Course day which I originally had an idea that it had to do with like an obstacle course or something that was physically demanding; sort of like a P.E. class --- a long P.E. class. 

When we were explained what the course actually was and how it really had nothing to do with climbing ropes and stuff, I felt so naive for trying to figure out the literal meaning of it. I noticed I never try to find another meaning that cannot be visible to just a naked eye. 

Throughout the day I was trying to figure out why they named this activity like this and it finally hit me a few hours ago. I finally interpreted it as no restrictions or strings attached to how one person can never stop learning new techniques and ideas. 

I participated in a lot of different ways in all the activities and depending on the scenario or situation, I had to change my leadership roles and step back at times because not everything was my area of expertise. I had to put my trust in other people and let them do their thing. During those times, I tried to be as supportive and cooperative as I could and push my comfort zone to the point where I exceeded my expectations. But I also had many opportunities where I was the one who was coming up with solutions or I was the one that my group depended on to finish the job.
Thanks Don for the really cute souvenirs I was able to buy from the bookstore
Walking to our next activity site
Overall this experience is and always be irreplaceable because it never ceases to amaze me to know that there is still so much more to experience and learn -- not just in this course but life in general.

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  1. You're a smart gal, Magaly, and getting smarter by the second.