Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Chill Day With NEMOW

I knew today was going to be a good day when I woke up with lots of energy. It was my second day in which I made an attempt to sleep in to catch up on my sleep, but I failed. I woke up around eight in the morning and watched The Parent Trap until 10 AM then I began to get dressed to head out with NEMOW to our picnic. Once part of NEMOW came to my room we realized it was raining so then we received a text from our chaperon Jenny, we were supposed to have a picnic somewhere downtown in a park but we had to cancel. Jenny gave us the option of 1)Grab a bite on Theyer street then go bowling, 2)Go to the mall eat there, shop, and watch a movie, or 3) go buy a sand which and then go to zumba. The majority ruled so we decided to meet Jenny at the mall, NEMOW walked together downtown in the hot humid weather. Once we arrived we met Jenny in the food court section and we all bought a meal. I decided to get the Italian Deluxe from Charley's Grilled Subs. It was very delicious.
Me and Magaly's brunch.

 After we ate we headed to go shopping, everyone went their separate way, after walking around for an hour and a half me and Muong were exhausted. Half of the girls went to go watch a movie at IMAX and the other half went back to the dorms. I headed back to the dorms because me and Muong wanted to go watch a movie on Netflix. We took the bus to Theyer St. then walked to a mini-mart by Perkins Hall. We picked up a few snacks then headed to my dorm to watch World War Z , we didn't finish watching it but we still enjoyed our time together. Around 6 PM me, Muong, Sierra, and YeonSoo headed to eat dinner at the "V-Dub" we had the usual pasta and salad.
Me & Muong stopped for a quick picture at Watrerplace Park.

When we finished dinner we headed back to Perkins Hall to have my RA Izabella lead us to Barus & Holly 166. When we arrived we entered a big classroom which had about one hundred seats. Right when I took a seat I seen in big letters "The Leadership Institute Action Plan Panel", I automatically knew I was in the right place. The workshop began by having Brown students/ alumni's ; Stanley Stewart , Rie Ohtra, and Tenzin Lama answer questions being asked to them. They told us about their action plans and how they created them. I was too busy paying attention that I didn't get a chance to take notes but they helped me a lot. I ow feel more positive about how my action plan will go and I hope mines is as successful as theirs.

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