Monday, June 2, 2014

One Last Gathering

Tonight was the Student-Parent Orientation for all ILCers. Unfortunately, it is also the last group gathering before everyone departs to their designated college and program. Setting the negatives aside, it was a very informational night especially for the parents. I've heard most of the information presented tonight from before, it was just repeated for the parents. According to Don, many students fail to share information that are given to them, whether they are things from emails, tutorials, or cohort meetings, which is why an orientation such as this would clarify all the questions boggling in each parents' mind.  

The orientation started off with a small introduction from Don. Next came in the chaperones. Each chaperone went up and addressed themselves to the crowd including which program they are assigned to. It was very brief, but it was a good way for everyone to meet and see them again. After chaperone introductions, Don continued on with more information about what to expect, including arrival at El Cerrito High School and baggage at the airport. We would weigh our luggages first at El Cerrito, with Don's almost perfect scales. He joked about how the airport's scales were rigged, which is why we want to weigh our luggages before we get to the airport, to avoid any extra fees.

Next was the break out session. Every ILCer and their parents broke out into groups according to each program. A form was handed out in which of course, we had to fill out (yay!). Our schedules were also handed out, and this got me very excited. We would depart El Cerrito on July 20 then come back on August 6. My mother and I carefully examined the schedule, as our chaperone, Jenny explained it to us. The break out session was very helpful since parents were able to ask questions regarding their son or daughter. Jenny talked about the importance of staying together and to never walk or go anywhere alone. She also stressed the importance of being respectful and to treat others the way you would want to be treated. Knowing my group, I'm pretty sure that this wouldn't be a problem.

Everyone was called back into the cafeteria as we gathered for one last thing: the loaner items. Don showcased us each item that the ILC would loan out to those who need it. Items such as travel umbrellas, laundry bags, portable fans, luggages, and even cameras were available to anyone who needed it. 

It was another great and successful night meeting up with the other ILCers once again. It might be another while since I'll be able to see them again. Many of them are leaving this month and I am almost as excited as they are. I hope for them to have a safe trip and of course a fun summer.
 Three of the nine cohorts from the Brown Women and Leadership Program . We're excited for summer. 

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  1. Have fun Kennedy girls! This is going to be such a transformative experience for you all. Can't wait to hear about it when you've come back.

    <3 Ms. Staley