Monday, June 2, 2014


Today was our last official meeting before we finally head off to Brown (!!!) and we couldn't be any more excited! Our chaperon, Jenny, spoke to us first in English and then in Spanish. It was pretty cool, and I'm proud to say that I understood about than 10% of the words being said in Spanish (after all, my high school language is Japanese…) 

Anyways, we received our itineraries for the trip and it wasn't until then that the whole experience finally seemed real to me. Looking at the schedule given to us, I absolutely can't wait for the "Sunset Night Cruise of New York", and the visit to and dinner in Times Square! Well, the college tour in general (and of course the actual Women and Leadership course!) Another thing I'm really looking forward to is the "Getting to Know You" survey that Jenny emailed to all the ladies in my cohort, especially the song  and "Words of Wisdom" (both of which are supposed to have a deeper meaning or special significance to the person who chose them).  I feel like this is so much better than the typical forms of icebreakers, and is a really great way to learn more about the ladies I'll be spending the upcoming weeks with!

And like I've said in the sign off of every blog so far (sorry about that!), I absolutely can not WAIT to finally get to Brown! 

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  1. スペイン語偉いね。俺のスペイン語レベルが低いし、両親も怒っているし、大変だと思う。But anyways, I am glad you are looking forward to the trip!