Monday, June 2, 2014

The Final Orientation

The final orientation before we leave to Providence was today. We all gathered at Pinole Middle School around 6:00 pm today.
Don giving good advice

Don talked to are parents about the expectation they have for us and the manner in which we should act on are trip. He also talked about the type of things we should be packing and had a display out on a table for the students and parents to see.
Jenny talking about our trip to the parents
Jenny are chaperon took us a way to a class room where she had the chance to explain to the students and parents about the rules for the trip and answered some of the questions the parents had.She explained the time difference and how respect was very important to her. After the meeting Jenny joined my family in eating good tamales that my mother had made. Jenny really made my mom feel comforter  letting me go to Brown.
Thao a.k.a. Don look alike and I
Table of loner items 
I really enjoyed the the orientation today, Don made it really easy for the students and parents to understand what the expectations for the trip are. Now I cant wait until I leave for Providence!

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  1. Have fun Kennedy girls! This is going to be such a transformative experience for you all. Can't wait to hear about it when you've come back.

    <3 Ms. Staley