Monday, June 2, 2014

Dressing Up Like Don Gosney!

Tonight was the last night where all of the Ivy League Cohorts would meet up for the Student-Parent Orientation. It was quite a stressful departure to Pinole Middle School because my mom accidentally left something at her work so we had to rush over there. At this moment it was already 5:45 PM, and I was getting nervous. Thank goodness that Pinole Middle School was not as far as I expected. It was a 6 minute drive from Hercules to the school. Once arriving at the school, I was trying to find Chiamaka Nwadike and Shanti Shrestha because we were coordinating something for our last meeting. What is this surprise? Well it was to dress in aloha shirts and match up with Don Gosney. Don Gosney usually dresses up in an aloha shirt with shorts, and sandals. If I must say, Don has great taste for a casual day. Once I found my fellow buddies, I distributed the t-shirts and we were waiting for the meeting to start. 

The meeting was basically about the thick packet Don gave us months ago. It was a brief summary on what to expect, what to bring, and the do's and don't's. After a while, we all separated to go with our designated groups to discuss about college tours, rules, and what to bring. Jenny Gilbert did a wonderful job talking to all 18 of us in both English and Spanish. It's no surprise because she is a Spanish 3 teacher at De Anza High School. Jenny talked to us about her number 1 rule, respect. She expressed that we should treat others how they would like to be treated. It's a great rule to have and I know that I will be following it. As Jenny continued her speech and asked for any final questions, we ended and returned to the multipurpose room. The conference continued and ended around 8 o'clock. 

At the end, I got together with Kevin Mendoza, Shanti Shrestha, Chiamaka Nwadike, Brandon Chow, and Don Gosney for one final Hawaiian photo. It was a blast to dress up as Don Gosney for the day because he's really awesome. As a leader in the W&L group, this will be a tradition for next year.
On Our Way to Hawaii!

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