Monday, June 2, 2014

Ivy League Connection Orientation

This evening Monday June 2nd, Pinole Middle School was where the Ivy League Connection hosted it's annual orientation. Don had sent us all four emails concerning this important orientation and whoever shows up at 6:00 or a minute later, their scholarship will be taken away from them. My mother and I arrived almost ten minutes before 5:00, to make sure I was not late considering navigation with traffic problems. Pinole Middle School is soon to go under reconstruction, as there is wide banners posted on the front gates. I walked on campus searching for any sign for Ivy League Connection. Soon, I met John Hillyer, who is chaperoning at University of Pennsylvania. When Don arrived, I helped him a little by bringing in some empty luggage and assisted with hanging up the Brown University flag.

Don started immediately at 6:00 PM, welcoming us all, then went into a introduction. In the beginning, I felt slightly nervous and excited that I made it through the Ivy League Connection process and I am actually at our orientation. It is a definite challenge for us all ILCers in the WCCUSD. Don asked us what knowledge and lessons will we bring back to share in our schools, family, and in our communities. Madeline Kronenberg, a member of our WCCUSD School Board with dedication in Ivy League Connection, spoke to us about appreciating all the immense free help we get from Don and the entire Ivy League Connection. I am so grateful and astounded for how much the Ivy League Connection has influenced me already and Don's never wavering dedication. After the introduction, all of our chaperons had briefly introduced themselves to our parents. Then we were dismissed to meet at the Brown University Flag. It was nice to see my cohorts at Brown II Women and Leadership today. After we all completed and signed a document, our amazing chaperon Jennifer Gilbert announce we will switch to a classroom nearby for a presentation.

A general itinerary was handed out, listing our Departure Day which is Sunday July 20th, with expected time schedules. Jennifer is also a Spanish teacher at DeAnza High School, have I mentioned in an previous blog, so she translated in impeccable Spanish language. Rules are to let her know our locations, to travel in groups, respect each individual differences/ourselves, to be open with a positive mindset. Women and Leadership classes at Brown University this summer will start July 20th through July 31st. I will prepare my best as our program is quickly approaching.


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  1. Have fun Kennedy girls! This is going to be such a transformative experience for you all. Can't wait to hear about it when you've come back.

    <3 Ms. Staley