Thursday, June 5, 2014

Why Can’t we Just Leave Already?

From Magaly Rodriguez Arreola

Final thing on the agenda: check.

Orientation day had finally arrived and I, patiently waiting, was over with telling my parents over and over again to get me to places on time. Now they get a break for a while—same goes for me. I had a weight lifted off my shoulders when I also uploaded all the necessary documents just today with the help of the multitasker, Don.

I arrived three minutes before six so everyone was pretty much there already. I immediately recognized a whole bunch of friendly faces and I felt welcomed. Don began with introducing himself and going over things that he had already said before but our parents had not heard. My wonderful dad, after a long days work, went to the orientation with me (like he had a choice). He pretty much went to get all his questions answered and to be reassured that this was going to be a good experience for me. I noticed that he felt better when he heard that he was able to Skype with me while I'm at Brown.

We split into our personal sessions where our Brown 2 group had a one-on-one time with Jenny. My dad got to meet her and we went over the itinerary.  I cannot wait until we depart, just look at all the things we are doing. 
My dad being here with me was a special moment for me because it showed me that he has an interest in my education and he cares for my well-being. Sometimes dads have a hard time expressing these types of feelings to their teenage daughters but I love it when we bond like this.
At the end of the orientation, before I left, I took a picture with my Kennedy gals. I know that we were all thinking the same thing, why can't we just leave already?

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  1. Have fun Kennedy girls! This is going to be such a transformative experience for you all. Can't wait to hear about it when you've come back.

    <3 Ms. Staley