Saturday, August 2, 2014

Amazing New York

Today was a great day and for several reasons but there is a huge reason which everyone will know by the end of this blog. Waking up this morning I felt more refreshed then ever the beds on in the Beacon Hotel are amazing. The showers are like heaven, I have not felt this refreshed in two weeks. The morning was spent learning about the NYU campus. NYU is a campus in the East Coast I like very much right now, we were showed around campus and I really enjoyed it. I am very happy that the Ivy League Connection gave me the opportunity to come and explore East Coast Campuses. 

Rare pillar left standing where the South Trade Center Stood

Then after that we went and explored a farmer’s market that I enjoyed very much. After that we went to the pizza place, called Joe’s Pizza, it was really good pizza. Eating that delicious pizza gave us the energy to walk to Ground Zero and visit the 9/11 Museum. This museum was very emotional, it really took people back to September 11, 2001 and told us that “No day shall erase you from the memory of time”-Vigil. Even though I was only three around that time going through this museum brought into reality the tragedy that occurred and made me feel connected or sad you could say for the people that were there for this tragic event. 

Ground Zero South World Trade Center 

Going from sad and emotional to happy, we went on a cruise around the Hudson River. At this point we were all tired and drained but were ready to enjoy this experience. We went on to Time Square Garden which was very crowded but enjoyable. This being an extremely tired day I and Sierra headed back to the hotel, where this morning we advised the hotel about the power not working correctly. When we back it still was not working, so I went down to the front desk to ask about the situation. They had been calling us all day but we didn’t pick up being so occupied with other things. The hotel notified us that they will be upgrading me and Sierra due to the technical problem. The very nice man at the front desk David gave us a new key but half way up I noticed it stated the same room number so I went back down. He then gave us a suite that we went into and noticed it was not cleaned yet. Calling down to David again, he said he could give us a suite with one bed where I and Sierra had to share a bed. That was fine for me and her but he called again saying that he has a better offer, a suite with two bedrooms and two bathrooms with a full size living room. Now I and Sierra are going to sleep very happy individuals. Thanks again to David the man at the front desk and he is my best friend right now. 

Freedom Tower/ New World Trade Center

Lady Liberty from the Cruise 

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