Saturday, August 2, 2014

Best Day Ever in New York

The best day of my life started waking up at 8 in the morning in my hotel room, it only took me thirty minutes to get ready and then I went to Magaly’s room where she did my hair. We met Jenny in the lobby at 8:45 AM. We took the subway to a small pastry shop and then went to a coffee shop were I ordered a caramel ice coffee. After the caffeine boost we headed to NYU for our tour and are information session. We started with the information session were we say a very informative video which made me consider NYU as a potential college because of their different campuses around the world. I would love to study abroad in there sang high campus that oppen today. Right after the information session we went on our tour of the campus I found one of the best library's I have ever seen,the tour which ended in Washington Square Park.

For lunch we went to a small pizza place where I finally had the chance to eat real New York style pizza. I was not disappointed the pizza it was delicious, after lunch we went back on the subway to the 9/11 memorial tour, it was chilling remembering the number of life’s lost. During a part of the tour I began to get emotional, knowing that some people never returned home to their families. There were parts of the tour were you can hear phone calls made to loved ones. The museum was so big I did not have enough time to see all of it. The water falls where breath taking and a lot bigger than I imaged. One of my missions on my NY trip was to take a picture with a NYPD officer which I did accomplish. One of my advisers, Office. Hall told me prior to come to take a picture with a NYPD officer and tell them on his behalf "thank you for your services" the NYPD officer’s responded with much apposition knowing that came from a fellow bother of the other side of the US.

Around evening we boarded a cruise line that took us around the Hudson river were I saw the Empire state building, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn bridge just to name a few. The tour was about an hour and a half long.When we got off the boat we had the chance to go to time square and do are souvenir shopping. I went inside the Forever 21 in time Square were they had four floor and on the last floor they had a taxi next to the elevator.

 All the lights were amazing, I am so grateful to have experienced so such amazing moments that I will never forget. Thank you ILC I will forever be grateful.  

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