Friday, August 1, 2014

Getting Myself Up

This was the moment we were all waiting for. All nine W&L cohort members of the Ivy League Connection, also known as NEMOW, had to present their Action Plan to the class today. The rest of the class is presenting theirs tomorrow, but got a chance to present a practice speech. Up until the point when I got up to present my speech, I felt good about myself. Something in my body freaked out because of the fact that there were two new guests. However, I got myself back up and talked about what I have a passion for. 

Everyone improved from the practice speech yesterday. I'm so proud of NEMOW. Although all of us were more nervous today, we broke our bad habits like moving around too much and not making eye contact. Receiving compliments feel as good as giving them. The professor encouraged us to keep giving feedback to people who had a practice speech today because it could help them improve a lot. 

At 8 o' clock PM, there was a dance party that turned out better than I thought it would. When I came home, I finished packing for our trip to New York and started typing on my blog. What's different about being in Rhode Island is the fact that no one will wake me up when I accidentally fall asleep in the wrong room or while I am doing my homework. I fell asleep while writing my blog and woke up at 4 PM. I miss having someone to help me around. Just a couple more days until I'm home sweet home.

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  1. What are those things you all are wearing? Are those dresses? Why didn't you all dress like that for me?