Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back to Providence?

This morning I had to wake up early not like that back at Brown but early compared to home. Around 8:25 AM I headed downstairs to the lobby of Hotel Beacon, where I met NEMOW. BY this time we already had our carry on's and belongings. We left our luggage's in the lobby with one of the employees there then got taxi's to meet up with Buella. We ate at some nice breakfast restaurant, I had the deluxe hamburger. My hamburger had onions, lettuce, tomato, mozzarella cheese, and beacon, it was delicious.
Deluxe Hamburger for breakfast.

After eating we headed to a special tour around Columbia University, lead by Beulla. She walked us all over campus, she showed us the John Jay Dormitory where students at their first year stay. She let us know that there was a dining hall below the dormitory so going out to eat wasn't a big option. She mentioned that first year students normally take the meal plan, as she mentioned it isn't bad at all. It was nice knowing that your first year a a freshman there everything's around you from classes to libraries to study areas it's all very close by. She mentioned lots of multi-cultural groups , programs, and activities, which meant I wouldn't be the only one of my color. One of the things that caught my attention was the Latina programs/activities, we didn't go into details but I knew it was right for me.
John Jay first year dorms, with dining's downstairs.

About 50% of majors at Columbia are science related which really makes me happy since I want to major in physiology. It seems as if it'll be one of the universities I'll have in mind when it time to apply. I actually love the campus to me it looks sort of vintage. When Beulla left we went out of campus and took a taxi to Fairway Market, directly in front of our hotel. We had about twenty minutes to grab a snack for the train ride. There was lots of organic and healthy foods and of course I love watermelon so I got some. Jenny arrived at the cashier around 11:55 and we payed for our snacks. We then walked across the street to get our luggage and catch the taxis once again. The taxis dropped us off at Penn Station where we all met at the entrance to catch our train ride. We stood waiting for our call to board until we headed to Gate 11 East. On the train ride I sat next to some lady who didn't seem like she was in the mood so I didn't try talking to her, other then that the train ride was pretty boring.
Our tour guide Beulla and NEMOW.

We arrived at Providence Amtrak Station around 5:00 PM , once we got off we walked to Hotel Providence. When we arrived at Hotel Providence NEMOW waited to be checked in we were suppose to meet in the lobby at 6:15 PM , yet we got our room keys at 6 PM. I luckily got roomed with Izabely and Magaly they have good taste in dressing and hair styles. We all hurried down and were the first to meet down there along with Jenny. Around 6:20 PM we headed to The Capital Grill, once we entered we were welcomed by Dean Almandrez and Kisa. We all were seated in a big squared table.

 I sat next to Ralph, a graduate from Brown University. He majored in Biology and he helped me understand Brown more. He told me about financial aid and how schools would pay me to attend their schools no matter my family income. He told me more about the campus and his experience at Brown. I learned from him that the more colleges and universities you apply to the better. He helped me understand that Brown's a good school for me because i want to major in physiology and half of the majors at Brown are science related. He made me feel much comfortable about Brown then I already was from my summer classes. Besides the wonderfully designed delicious food the people who went seemed very nice, sadly I only got to speak to Ralph but we had a good conversation. I must admit seeing Dean Almandrez for the last time was hard, she's an amazing women and very inspirational. I'l definitely miss having morning and afternoon classes with her.
Last picture with Dean Almandrez.
Ralph and I.

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