Monday, August 4, 2014


Before today, I could never imagine myself living in a rural area.  However, I found Hanover absolutely charming!  Out of the schools we’ve visited so far, Dartmouth definitely was among my favorites…

I've never could fall asleep in cars...
I love the idea of applying to the Geisel School of Medicine, which is known for their clinical and science fields.  Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m really interested in neurosciences, and Dartmouth happens to be the first liberal arts school in the country to own and operate their own MRI for research purposes. Which by itself is amazing, but it’s also available for undergraduate use!  From what I’ve heard, there are countless research opportunities with various professors and faculty members (who genuinely care about and get to know their students on a personal level).  Since the majority of the student population is undergraduates, a lot of these opportunities are available to ALL students, rather than just graduate students.

Another element of the college that I really appreciate is the strong sense of community fostered on campus. Dartmouth is a school full of traditions that are honored and celebrated, which is something that I definitely look for in a college. Due in part to these traditions, Dartmouth maintains a strong alumni network, many of whom still share a strong love and devotion for their Alma Mater.  For example, I was at a locally owned coffee shop in Hanover when the woman behind me in line overheard me mention that I was from California.  She immediately told me that she Dartmouth alum, and that she was ecstatic that I was considering making the transition from an urban to a rural environment and that an education from Dartmouth would be worth stepping out of my comfort zone. I think I agree with her, and I wouldn't be surprised if I ended up applying here this upcoming fall.

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