Friday, August 1, 2014

Goodbye Perkins! Hello New York

My empty room (sad face)
Today was the official day we checked out of the Women & Leadership program and I can speak for the entire Brown-2 cohort when I say it was very emotional. We can't believe that we had to depart, the chance that we might not ever see the amazing women we have met while being at Brown was scary. The lessons that Dean Almandrez has taught I will never forget, Isobella our TA, the most amazing, funniest person you can meet, has taught us so much as well.  The beginning of the day was just us all finishing last minute packing, we met Jenny at 8 AM to give her our luggage and take it to Hotel Providence.
My amazing dean
After that we all went back to finish getting ready, then making our way to an emotional class day. Class was filled with everybody saying goodbye and reflection of what we have learned. We took pictures, exchanged if we didn't already and crying. The reflection is the part that got us all because it just went over the two weeks and how we are beautiful women that can make a huge change in the world.
Strong Women/ Inspiring Girls
Going to miss everybody
We got out of class early, so we decided to jump ahead of schedule and turn our fans and keys in in a quick and efficient manner. After that we headed over to the train station to make our trip to New York! The train ride was three hours long but it was worth the wait. New York is a bigger version of San Francisco to me, it is an amazing place.

We were a little late so we all rushed and checked in real quick and went to dinner. The dinner was amazing and I met some inspiring people. One person I really bonded with was Uchechi Iteogu, she had such good advice, and I felt truly blessed talking to her. Now I am very tired and going to sleep on the nicest, softest bed.
Delicious Free Range Chicken 

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  1. Sounds like this was a worthwhile trip already and you still have site visits over the next five days. Sounds exciting.