Sunday, August 10, 2014

How Can I Ever Thank You All?

It seems as if it was just yesterday when I met my NEMOW sisters. I remember sitting down with all eight of them preparing our blog page and learning how to use blogger. As the times I got to spend time with them went by I gained trust towards them, including the girls that went to school with me. If it wasn't for the ILC I wouldn't of gotten so close to NEMOW. The whole preparation for the trip taught me that when I'm older I won't have my parents to tell me to respond to emails, do essays, and email applications to Brown. Learning about technology was a huge thing for me , I've never been close to using any devices bigger then my phone. I've learned how to upload pictures to my computer,  adjust photos, and even rename them. It funny how technology has been around me this whole time but I've never really used it.

Having the chance to take a course at Brown is a big privilege. My parents would of never had enough money to pay for the Women and Leadership class, let alone for my plane ticket. The other girls taking the Same course as me and NEMOW had their parents pay for everything. Due to my social economic status I've always felt like I can't get anywhere to go to school or even travel. I also always thought rich girls were just spoiled and didn't care about others but while taking my course I met some girls that were very down to earth and didn't let money determine the person that they are. 

Thanks to my course I know feel more open about my gender and more proud. I now watch tv, movies, and videos and automatically see how woman do so much to impress everyone but themselves. I now am not able to ignore how women are hyper sexualized and stereotyped by the social media, I feel like I have the need to say something now. I've changed into a more outspoken person throughout the two week course. Having to wake up early to go to breakfast, then class, then lunch , then class again was a sneak peek at what college life will be like. I know that I wont be having anyone tell me to head to my dorm because its almost curfew or to clean and wash my clothes when I'm away for college in the future. I gained lots of self-responsibility while having to depend on myself. I also learned how to spend my money wisely and not let the other girl trick me into going out to eat all the time. The dorm life was really good especially since I didn't have a roommate, If she would of arrived I would of learned a lot from her.
I'll forever remember you all! Women and Leadership summer class of 2014! CIT 219, is our home!

Going on college tours was something I would of never done If it wasn't for the ILC. Seeing NYU, Dartmouth, Columbia, and Wellesley helped me realized that UC Berkeley isn't the best school like everyone told me. All of the campuses were nice including Brown University. I got so attached to Brown that I now want to attend there, it's my first option. Second I want to attend Wellesley College, it seemed like it was the place for me the instinct I stepped foot on their campus it was just so beautiful. An interesting fact that I found out about was that financial aid will be willing to pay for my whole college classes which is great for me because my family won't be able to afford it. It's sad how I didn't know about all this college support and wonderful colleges/ universities.

Going on fancy dinners wasn't my sort of thing but I went along with it. I never understood why the ILC had us go to fancy dinners but I'm pretty sure it's so we can experience the wealthy life we can have if we work hard and get a wonderful degree or career. I enjoyed the food and had the chance to meet lots of people that started with absolutely no money and now have a good job and education. The people I met have encouraged me to work hard and discover different things.

Our Columbia Tour photo with Beulla.
Thanks to the ILC I'l forever have those eight sisters and chaperon with me wherever I go. I became so attached to them that I even know their favorite saying and know how they really are. I've met many older people who told me about their stories and others who helped me figure out what I should study. I learned how to use technology more on a daily bases, give myself responsibility, and trusting people. I can never put in words how thankful I am that the ILC gave me this opportunity. I thank Don for taking most of his time to write extra extra long but important emails to all the ILC'ers and for organizing everything. A big thanks also to Madeline Kronenberg, Charles Ramsey, and all the sponsors for cooperating and believing in all of us. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I will forever cherish. I'll never be able to pay off this whole trip but I'll make our program proud and represent even when I go off to college. It'll always be the ILC,  the program of once in a lifetime opportunities and dreams that come true. Thank you all!
Our last picture.

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