Friday, August 1, 2014

Goodbye Sisters

I never thought the last day of my classes at Brown would end so quickly, it's as if just yesterday I was walking to Perkins Hall. I didn't go to breakfast because around 8 AM my chaperone Jenny was outside waiting with a taxi for NEMOWS luggage's. After the taxi left with our luggage's we all separated since everyone wanted different breakfast, I just went to the mini mart and grabbed something small then I headed to class with Izabel and Magaly. When I arrived early I couldn't explain the way I felt. I felt so sad I knew it would be the last time I'll be walking into CIT 219. As everyone began walking in class the class began.

Dean Almandrez began the class by going over our goals from the very first day of school we accomplished all the meaning of all of our topics. Then Dean Almandrez handed the class to our TA/ my RA Isabella. She made us do an activity where each one of us said something we appreciate or enjoyed in our class. As we each said something we unrolled a big yarn until we completed a circle. After the circle we each cut a piece of the yarn to remember our class and everything we've learned. After that activity everything began to be very emotional we even made Isabella cry, we love her so much and will always remember her as our big sister at Brown.
Dean Almandrez and I.

                                                         My awesome RA/TA Isabella.

Dean Almandrez allowed us walk around, take pictures, and hug one another. I cried not because I was sad but because I learned a lot from our Women and Leadership class, I'm going to miss every single one of the young ladies. At approximately 10:50 NEMOW walked back to Perkins Hall to get our carry on's and keys. When we arrived to Grad Center E , we all turned our keys in and then we met Jenny by the "Ratty" to turn in our fans and we were off to the train station. At the train station we grabbed a sandwhich at La France Café then we boarded the train. During the train it was very quiet so I kind of fell asleep. Then as soon as I realized we were thirty minutes away from New York, when we got off we went outside to get in line for a taxi cab. The line was ridiculously long but luckily it went fast.
Ridiculous line.

On our way to the hotel , we instantly realized it's really crazy to drive in New York, we arrived to thee hotel very quickly.  We checked in very fast as well since we had to attend our dinner with former Columbia students. The dinner was very well decorated with candles on the table. The meals were delicious as well I learned a lot from Shannon, she's from Ohio but now stays on Columbia's campus. She helped me realize that going away from home is the best thing to do since you need alone time. I haven't really thought about applying to Columbia first I must look at the campus. 
Fancy menu.

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