Saturday, August 2, 2014

Touring Around New York

Today I woke up in a comfy bed, and warm shower. I headed down to the lobby of the Beacon Hotel where I met Jenny and NEMOW. We headed down to the subway and ended up at some place I'm not quite sure where I was but we walked as a group to Patesserie Claude where I had a croissant , then we walked to a local coffee shop. I had the Cappuccino Latte, it was delicious and sure woke me up. Then we walked to the tour guiding area where we watched an informational video. After the video we went around campus with our tour guide, the campus wasn't how I imagined I'm not looking forward to attending NYU -- it's way too big and crowded. An interesting fact that I learned about NYU is that it's an open campus and it's located in New York City, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai. It's also a very open campus.  I learned much more about financial aid and dining halls there. I know two of the  dormitories had dining halls inside them, we visited one and it even had a Jumba Juice inside. I learned that for dormitories you normally take a survery so you can get paired up with someone who's like you. Some questions that are asked are if you want a messy or clean room or what time do you want to sleep, etc..  After the tour we went to the bookstore for a little bit then headed to Joe's Pizza which was delicious!
Joe's Pizza.
After Joe's Pizza we got on the subway once again and arrived to the 911 Memorial Museum. From the moment I stepped inside the museum I knew it was going to be an emotional time there. Luckily thanks to the Ivy League and Jenny we had a guided tour, which gave us headphones to walk around and be guided. It was a very nice tour and I got to see some of the things that ruined the fire trucks, I heard calls from that morning of couples and families. It was very touching yet so memorable I'll never forget my visit to the 911 museum and I hope I come back some day. NEMOW exited the museum and took pictures of where the twin towers were it was a great moment of silence for us.
The picture was taken minutes before the flights hit the twin towers.
After we left the museum we headed back to the subway in which it lead us towards the boat cruise. The boat cruise was perfect -- it wasn't fancy nor ugly. I sat on the top deck next to a window. When the cruise was about 15 minutes into the Hudson Bay we were allowed on the balcony -- it was a nice view and nice weather. I enjoyed the wind and sunset. I loved the Statue of Liberty, it was beautiful as well as the Manhattan Bridge. 

After we left the cruise we walked to Times Square. It was very hectic, we had about an hour and half to shop. It wasn't much but it was good enough to help me get souvenirs for my young siblings and cousins. After a long day like this I believe I deserve some sleep and New York is the city of no sleep, there's so much to see I just wish we had more time.
The Statue Of Liberty.
Me on the boat cruise on the main deck.

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  1. Sounds like a fun but full day. I'm glad you were able to see at ;east a small part of NYC. I hope you got some nice souvenirs for the family.