Monday, August 4, 2014

Today's Adventure...Dartmouth


Dartmouth was our destination for today; we all had to be ready by 7:30 AM in order to get there in time. It was a three hour drive and let's says I definitely caught up in my sleep during this time. We made it to the lunch right on time; this dinner consisted of Dartmouth students. The main person I conversed with was Jina and Elizabeth. They provided great information and I truly like the fact they don't try to sell the school to us. They truly wish to just give us differs options; discuss the pros and cons of Dartmouth and the transition stages for each individual.

Jina and Elizabeth stressed the importance that for me wherever I go should be comfortable and the best fit for me, this advice lets me feel comfortable with whatever decision I shall make in the future. Again the topic of homesickness came up and as I have been feeling a little homesickness, the word of others saying that homesickness will go away and it is normal, makes me more comfortable and allows me to accept the idea of moving to the East Coast more.

After the lunch, we departed for our tour of the campus. The campus is very nice and Eco friendly which I enjoyed very much. I also like how the school doesn't really have assigned classes for a freshman and lets us choose from the beginning. This allows me to really focus on my interests and not something that all universities offer. After our time in Dartmouth we headed back to Providence for YeonSoo birthday dinner. Again it was a three hour car ride but we slept through most of it, which made time pass by fast.

Once we got back to Providence we all went to Teriyaki House for Korean food, here I learned how to use chopsticks. Before we left we cut YeonSoo surprise birthday cake and went back to our hotels to blog. It’s crazy to think that we only have one more official day to blog. I truly enjoyed my experience with the ILC and I am super grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this, I can’t wait to go back to my community and share my experience. 

Catching up on our sleep 

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