Tuesday, August 5, 2014

One day closer to college...

The thought of an all woman's school wasn't terrifying to me when I first heard about it. Maybe because after taking the W& L course at a summer program at Brown, made me agree with the fact that we should have women schools. Wellesley is an undergraduate school in Massachusetts for women exclusively. They help to raise and construct women empowerment and shows me that other women genuinely value education for other women. So, the fact that I haven't heard of an all woman school existing before, I didn't know any of the stereotypes that surrounded it. I found out, during the tour, that many people think of it as a school for nuns and also, have the idea that if girls are placed in a group with other girls, they will end up fighting.

Let's be real, society creates all these stereotypes to bring people down. Both men but, especially women. It is not true that women are catty when joined together with other women. And maybe, women now have been influenced so much to the point where we actually believe the stereotype. The stereotype that women are supposed to act catty toward other women but in reality, who has time for fights.

Today in our last fancy dinner, Manuel and I had a very deep conversation talking about how we came to be where we are now, our struggles, our family and basically told each other our story. Manuel is a Brown alumni who is a rising junior and took classes on sexism and all other different types of -isms. He told me that he supported feminism and believed in my potential. He said that I shouldn't pick between one world or another. For example, I am having difficulty deciding if I should go to college on the East Coast because it is so far away from my family. Brown, out of all off the schools that I have been too, is the best for me. He told me that I shouldn't think of it as a choice but, to think of myself as the bridge that connects those two worlds told make them align with each other. I couldn't have asked for better advice because it made me realize that there isn't a greater one but, both are equally as important.

Making a call to California, where my family is, makes me feel happy to know that someone is waiting for me to come back. I already know that distance is going to be something that will kill me when I do go to college because I know that if I want to make a better future for myself , a liberal art college is for me. And right now, Brown is the best choice for what I expect of a school and what it will expect of me in return. I am not ready for Brown yet though, I think it is fair to say that I have to graduate high school first of all and then be ready. College is an experience that is one and only. I know that I want to change the wold in a positive way and be an inspiration for all the people in my community and family as well. Everything is mashed up in my brain right now but, overtime, everything will make sense and I will no longer doubt myself and my ability.
Thao and I look scary
I have a lot of things to offer in return because my ideas are as valid as anyone else's.

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