Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wellesley and Making Connections

On today's agenda were Wellesley College and all women's college but just because it is an all-women’s college does not mean there are no males. There are a lot of misconceptions about all-women’s college but understanding that all colleges and universities have similar characteristics and distinguishing the differences that best fit you is an important decision when choosing a college or university.  We all went on a tour of the campus, the campus is beautiful. Very in touch with the earth and I truly admire that, this is a college that I at first thought I wouldn't even consider but know I'm having second thoughts, especially after talking to Dylan. She provided great information on the enrollment process, different class decisions and requirements throughout the years.  After our lunch with Dylan we went to the information session, another helpful aspect given to us. They again went over cite curriculum and lose curriculum but Wellesley has distribution which allows students to fill requirements and focus on their career classes.

The campus has several resources like CWS (Center Work Services), gym, and buses running from Boston that is free on weekdays. We also discussed going abroad and the different opportunities that a person is exposed to while being there. We go on to discuss financial aid is portable abroad as well. 60% of students are on financial aid, FAFSA, and loans are not heavy. They provided us some very helpful information that if a family makes less 60,000 then no loans at all.

When we were done with the information session we headed back to Providence for our last fancy dinner tonight. The dinner was very fancy and it was a lot of fun, I spent most of my time talking to Dr. Jose Polanco. He had a lot of valuable information about the process about becoming a doctor and the importance of staying focused. I was very flattered to have the opportunity to talk to him and will definitely be taking advantage of this connection in the future. Overall today was very productive and I am a little sad to be leaving.  Tomorrow is our last day of blogging and I want to take this time again to thank the ILC for everything. 

Jose Polanco, MD, FACP

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